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The News We’ve Been Waiting For - Verge Dev To Buy An Island With Kind Crowdfund Donations

The News We’ve Been Waiting For - Verge Dev To Buy An Island With Kind Crowdfund Donations
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Yesterday, Verge hit the headlines with news of an impeding announcement. Since then we’ve been sat at the edge of our seats waiting to hear the news. Speculation was high, we knew the announcement was based on two factors, firstly, a potential partnership between Verge and an anonymous big company, and secondly, that the Verge crowdfund campaign had reached 75 Million $XVG. This is where we left off yesterday… Late last night, Justin Vendetta, aka Verge Dev, took to Twitter in a video titled ‘Verge: Crowdfund Partnership Results’. In the video he announces that all the donated Verge currency is going to be spent on buying himself an island, so he can jet off and live in paradise for the rest of his life. Obviously, he’s joking, but it’s a great sentiment! So, who are Verge partnering up with? Vendetta confirms that as a result of the crowdfunding campaign, Verge have made a deal with this illusive partner however, frustratingly, no name is mentioned at this point, instead, Vendetta sets an official announcement date for the 16th of April, just over two weeks from now. According to Vendetta, the announcement will be followed by a new global marketing campaign “of the likes of which you have never seen before”. Vendetta claims the campaign is going to “change crypto in a really-really good way”. And that’s literally about it. Vendetta reels off some thank-you’s to the team behind the campaign and of course to those who donated but otherwise, his cards are kept super close to his chest, he’s not giving anything away yet. Yesterday we speculated on the idea that this is just part of a hype-train, it saw Verge peak by up to 25% (although it resettled at around 10% up from the day before) so if this is just a marketing ploy, it’s sort of worked. I think at this point though, Vendetta and Verge are in too deep for this to just be a surface level campaign to get some media attention, they are promising some very big things, according to Vendetta it’s the biggest thing to ever happen to cryptocurrency. If they don’t pull through on the 16th of April, a lot of people are going to be very upset. The beauty of cryptocurrency is that if you upset the people, you can be certain that you won’t be trading the next day. Therefore, I do think the Verge team have some big news to share, the nature of it though, that will have to wait until the 16th of April. Personally, I’m very excited about this, this partnership, whom ever it is with, is coming at a great time for cryptocurrency and the future is certainly looking very bright. Let’s hope that the 16th of April does in fact bring us some big news and that we don’t just get a live feed of Vendetta, on the beach at his new private island. Featured Image Source: The Blue Diamond Gallery - Great Photo By Alpha Stock Images  

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