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This Royal Family Wants To Invest In Bitcoin
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This Royal Family Wants To Invest In Bitcoin

No, not Her Majesty and Prince Philip… not even Wills and Kate. Rather, the incumbent Crown Prince of Liechtenstein has expressed an interest in alternative finances, assets, and commodities, singling out Bitcoin as a particular area of interest. Liechtenstein is a German-speaking sovereign state squeezed snugly between the countries of Austria and Switzerland. Officially a Principality, it has been ruled by Prince Hans-Adam II for almost three decades. However, most of the power in the country is wielded by his son, the Crown Prince Alois, who is responsible for the Royal Family’s financial concerns, among other matters of import. Lichtenstein Flag Textured Full Size Following the second world war, Liechtenstein’s Royal Family was near-bankrupt and had to sell many of their treasures, including a priceless art collection, simply to keep afloat in the post-war economy. Over the years the family has managed to recoup part of both their fortunes and their art collection and now they are looking to invest in some new ventures, with the Crown Prince having one eye set on cryptocurrency giant Bitcoin. Alois believes that a stake in the world of digital finance will help him to restore the wealth of his family to what it once was. The Crown Prince has proven to be a shrewd investor in the past and is not entering the digital market lightly. He acknowledges the volatility of Bitcoin and the inherent risk of investing his family fortune in altcoins. However, he also sees the potential of the blockchain and feels that its method of distributed ledger-keeping could be the very thing to streamline some of his country’s own internal operations. Could this tiny micro-nation then, be the first country in the world to have its infrastructure entirely run by blockchain technology? It’s far too early to tell, but if the Crown Prince has his way, there could soon be a bidding war from the other altcoins to put their product on the map with such an enterprise. Image Source: Pixabay Sponsored by Crowd Genie ICO - Singapore Licensed Blockchain Asset Exchange

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