Capitalizing on Market Swings: Top Altcoins to Buy During the Market Downturn

Capitalizing on Market Swings: Top Altcoins to Buy During the Market Downturn

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Amid the ongoing market downturn, finding profitable altcoins to invest in has become difficult. However, despite the uncertainties, there are still some top altcoins to buy that will give massive returns in the coming months. They include KangaMoon, Ethereum, Solana, Fantom, and Injective. With the current market correction, now might be the best time to buy the dip. Let's see the reasons you should invest in these altcoins for massive returns soon.

KangaMoon (KANG): The New Player in the Altcoin Market

KangaMoon (KANG) is one of the revolutionary meme projects with amazing features. The platform combines Play2Earn and the social-fi model to give users a seamless experience. With the P2E feature, users can connect with players globally, and engage them in fights to test their skills. The social-fi feature allows users to compete in various challenges to win prizes and rewards

Players and users are rewarded with virtual currency and rare in-game assets when they win matches, which can be sold or traded in the marketplace. These two unique features have attracted users to the platform. The latest data shows that over 22,000 have signed up in the community, and more than 6,000 people have bought the presale.

The team has raised over $6M in presale, and could reach $7M before the end of May. The KangaMoon native token, KANG, an ERC20 token is on stage 5 of the presale and is sold for only $0.0196. The stats show that the price increases after each stage. As such, early presale buyers have gotten 290% returns. New users are given a 10% bonus.

KangaMoon has also partnered with the popular Telegram bot RaidSharksbot to boost engagement. Users who engage in the fascinating raid stand a chance of winning $1000 monthly rewards. Some experts project 50x rallies in the coming months. With the token set for listing in the coming weeks, now might be the best opportunity to invest in the top altcoin.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Down As SEC Decision on Ethereum ETF Date Remains Unclear

Launched in 2013, Ethereum has evolved into one of the world's leading alternative payment networks. Based on popular opinion, It is one of the top altcoins to buy this year. The Ethereum blockchain allows developers to build applications and smart contracts without a central authority. As a decentralized network, it uses the $ETH token for governance and all transactions in its ecosystem.

Ethereum has been in the news lately because of the Ethereum ETF approval saga. According to Reuters, the US Securities and Exchange Commission will probably deny applications for Ethereum Exchange-Traded Funds after a discouraging meeting. VanEck and other issuers have filed to list ETFs with the SEC, and the SEC is supposed to deal with these filings on May 23 and 24, respectively. While additional paperwork will be filed, issuers aren't optimistic about an immediate solution and expect the approval date to be moved to the end of 2024.

Even with these developments, the tokens' market performance has not been too bad. The Ethereum price has dipped by a slight 1% in the past week. The Ethereum trading volume is increasing, which could lead to a resurgence. While Ethereum market sentiment is neutral, the Ethereum Fear and Greed index is 67 (Greed) to signal it is in the buy zone.

Solana (SOL): A Top Blockchain Platform With Amazing Scalability Features

Solana (SOL) was launched in 2017 to provide better scalability features and perform better than earlier established blockchains. Solana uses a hybrid model, allowing the network to perform over 65,000 transactions per second.

Solana's key feature is the proof-of-history for greater scalability of the protocol which in turn boosts usability. The native token SOL is used for all transactions in the Solana blockchain.  The network is home to many popular meme coins such as Bonk, Floki, and Dogwifhat which has boosted the blockchain's popularity. This has in turn increased the SOL token's popularity.

Based on market data, the Solana price has plunged by 27% in the past month and 11% in the past week. Also, key market indicators such as Solana trading volume and market cap have declined in the past few days, which has been attributed to the market correction. However, some analysts believe that Solana will bounce back and retest the $200 resistance zone soon, making it one of the altcoins to watch in May.

Fantom (FTM) Price Continues To Plummet: Can It Rally to $1?

Fantom is an excellent blockchain platform that aims to resolve scalability, decentralization, and security issues. Fantom hopes to solve this problem using its Lachesis protocol which secures the Fantom network by allowing for faster transaction processing and security. The network FTM native token is used for staking, voting, and making payments on the ecosystem.

Meanwhile, the Fantom proof-of-stake mechanism allows users to stake their tokens to earn multiple rewards. With the $FTM token, holders can make various payments to cover network fees and other transactions on the platform.

Based on CoinMarketCap stats, the Fantom price dipped by 8% in the past week and 28% in the past month. However, this fall has not dampened investors' spirits, as Fantom trading volume is on the increase which will trigger a resurgence soon. Although the Fantom market sentiment is neutral, a rebound is expected soon. This makes Fantom one of the best altcoins to buy in the dip.

Injective (INJ) Trading Volume Jumps, Despite Continuous Price Fall

Injective (INJ) was launched mainly for finance. It boasts interoperable and environmentally friendly features. The blockchain supports DApp, lending protocols, and derivative exchanges. Injective offers excellent financial services, which many applications can leverage. Also, the Injective proof-of-stake consensus mechanism allows firms and individuals to use its network and participate in governance.

In terms of market performance, Injective is one of the top altcoins that witnessed massive rallies in the past months before the market downturn. Some analysts believe the current dip is an opportunity to accumulate the token and wait for the expected rally. Based on data from CoinMarketCap, the Injective price has dropped by 31% in the past 30 days and 9% in the past 7 days.

However, the positive takeaway is the surging Injective trading volume, which crypto experts are optimistic will trigger a rally. The Injective has been resilient in the past few weeks. Although it has fallen below the $30 support zone, it is still holding onto the $25 support zone. As such, a resurgence and possibly a rally to $50 are possible before the end of May. This puts it on our list of best altcoins to invest in for long-term gains.

Final Thoughts

The current dip presents an opportunity for smart investors to accumulate top altcoins with high growth potential. With various speculations of a bull run coming soon, now might be the best time to buy the dip. KangaMoon is the only presale token on our list with high growth potential. Its cheap price makes it worth investing in for long-term gains.

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