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Ripple XRP & Google Pay Partnership Could Sky Rocket The Price!

Ripple XRP & Google Pay Partnership Could Sky Rocket The Price!
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Google Pay Logo Featured on White Background One of the more noticeable and predictable Ripple trends recently has been a reasonable increase in the value of XRP every time a new partnership is announced. After news of collaborations with three of the five largest remittance providers in the world, analysts were tentatively predicting an end of year target of $10 for the currency – but some very recent speculation could help XRP to easily surpass this. Just what’s in store for Ripple, and how much could the cryptocurrency be worth in the future? Google Pay implementation Ripple already has a history of partnering with companies in emerging markets such as Brazil, India and China. By partnering with one of the world’s largest technology firms, Ripple continues to stake a claim in these areas – where Google’s Android technology is more likely to be adopted by smartphone and tablet users on account of its greater affordability in comparison to its biggest rival, Apple. Efficient global payment systems Ripple’s technology is currently being implemented by many of the world’s largest financial institutions. Its creators appear to have played the long game in cornering the market, with Google likely to be targeted next. By becoming an integral part of Google Pay in addition to its partnerships with MoneyGram, Western Union and large banks, the Ripple system could essentially be considered the chassis powering the four wheels of global finance – and the end result? A huge leap in the value of XRP. Ripple Logo on Rocket Blasting Into Space Illustration Experts predict that the cryptocurrency could reach highs of at least $600 if the speculation regarding Google implementation appears to be true. Google has spent much of the past decade also targeting emerging markets in the same areas Ripple is concentrating, and the amalgamation of RippleNet’s fast, affordable global transactions is a very worthy opportunity for the tech giant streamline to its services. Mutual goals Both companies offer technologies which complement each other, making the possibility of a partnership increasingly likely. Ultimately, this makes here and now the best opportunity to invest in XRP – even if it doesn’t hit the dizzy heights on $600, it’s still likely to help investors turn a healthy profit by the end of the year. Source: Original Image Source: Wikipedia Commons Sponsored by Iconiq Lab ICO Banner

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