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Is EOS The Ethereum Killer?

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EOS is a platform where decentralised applications can be built. In some respects it is very similar to Ethereum, but EOS has a different architecture, and claims to be incredibly scalable. The virtual currency claims to be able to handle millions of users on the platform. This is very different to Ethereum, which faces a huge scalability problem.

Ethereum is an incredibly popular cryptocurrency. It is second in the world by market capital, and is a platform that a lot of ICOs and decentralised applications are built; however, there are many problems with this, with the main one being the scalability, or lack of it. This is where EOS is really coming into its own, taking the negative points from Ethereum and trying to improve them, to build the best and most impressive virtual currency that there is.

One important thing to note with EOS though is that it is still in the testnet stage and will continue to be in this stage until the end of spring, meaning there are still a few months before the main blockchain is launched. Despite this though, it is looking incredibly promising, with their aims of being scalable, flexible and usable.

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One of the reasons that they are predicted to be so successful and what might cause them to overtake and essentially kill Ethereum is that they have an excellent team behind them. Dan Larimer has a huge amount of experience in the crypto industry, so is one of the best possible people for the job.

The downside to the virtual currency is that there is currently no finished product, and that the ICO is still going, which means that there is still more than 30% of coins to be distributed. That said, when it is finished, the price is expected to rise by more than 3 times.

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