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Who Will Have The Best Smart Contracts In 2018?

Who Will Have The Best Smart Contracts In 2018?
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With so many smart contracts on offer, it is difficult to know which one to go for, particularly if you are new to the crypto investment world. This is why we are here to help you to decipher, by highlighting which smart contracts are set to by huge in 2018. Let’s start by looking at Ethereum Smart Contracts. The Ethereum smart contract allows users to send ten ether to a friend on a certain date. The user would simply create a contract, and push the data to that contract, so that it could execute the desired command. Ethereum’s platform has been built specifically for creating smart contracts, which is why they are set to be huge next year. Ethereum contracts really stand out, replacing Bitcoin’s more restrictive language and allowing developers to program their own smart contracts. Secondly, we will take a look at Cardano. This newcomer has only been live for a few months and already has a market cap of nearly $3billion. It has been dubbed as the ‘Ethereum killer’ and is definitely one to watch for the new year. There are a number of different aspects that set Cardano aside from others, with the main one being that it claims to be the first blockchain project that has been built on peer-reviewed academic research. It also plans to offer a debit card, which can be used in the shops that they would usually shop in. It really is the next-generation of smart contracts platform. Qtum is a new proof of stake smart contract compatible blockchain, which can run both Bitcoin based and Ethereum based applications. The aim is to take public distributed ledgers to the business mainstream. It has faced a lot of criticism already, with many professionals voicing their worries; however, it is the first of its kind to implement a compatible blockchain that can run on both Bitcoin and Ethereum applications. They also have an impressive advisory team, which will imply that it will be well run and this will mean that it can only increase in population in the following year. Finally, we will take a look at Eos smart contracts. They are completely unique, thanks to their asynchronous smart contracts. The project aims, enable a blockchain to process millions of transactions per second, which, whilst ambitious, it is believed to be possible, although it has yet to be demonstrated. The CTO of this project, Dan Larimer has helped to develop successful platforms such as Steemit and BitShares, so it is in good hands. Although only time will tell how successful this smart contract will be, it is set to be huge in 2018. Image Source: Coinmarketcap Sponsored by

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