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The holy trinity of tech will lead us to the age of singularity!

The holy trinity of tech will lead us to the age of singularity!
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Blockchain is the gateway to the new world order!

With the exponential rise of cryptocurrencies, app tokens ,Initial coin offerings and disruptive blockchain technology, a paradigm shift has emerged in the field of venture investment. As the traditional type of economy is being disrupted money is rapidly flowing into cryptocurrencies, either for the speculative purposes, or more importantly for supporting projects that are built on decentralised platforms. Individual investors with little knowledge of cryptocurrency content do not want to be without exposure to undervalued digital assets. Cryptocurrencies are an evolving asset class which even it's detractors admit shouldn’t be overlooked by an investor over the long term willing to diversify its portfolio. Over the past decade passive funds have become the most popular investment vehicle for both institutional and individual investors in investment finance; however in the past when the equity hedgefund first arrived on the scene returns were astronomical . We believe the carefully selected initial coin offerings via the new world collective will become the next global phenomenon. The target group of investors consists of individuals who are involved in the cryptocurrency and cannot access top tier deals, or those individuals who want to diversify a small part of their assets into the new economy. It is expected rise of blockchain technology used in real businesses soon to deliver massive positive effects to the economy and our way of life .Undoubtedly such a revolution, although gradual, will not be overlooked by savvy institutional and high net worth investors. Lately the rise of crypto currency index funds weighted by market capitalization has emerged offering quick and easy access to family offices and sovereign wealth funds. Another emerging trend is managed crypto funds that are trading the major and more liquid altcoins and buying ICOs Amy hudge discounts and trading them accordingly.

Too big to ignore!

The current landscape has caused the current incubants of finance to take notice. Everyone from Goldman Sachs to IBM to Sony are starting to incorporate blockchain into their business. As time goes on and technology advances, the ability to scale on the blockchain will explode exponentially, sidechains, oracles and yet to be invested technologies will lead us to the the path of scalability with the likes of an Amazon or a Walmart launching their own crypto currency! Granted by scaling the blockchain we are most Likely making the blockchain more centralized. Only time will tell as no one can predict when the intersection of artificial intelligence, quantum computing software and blockchain technologies will trigger the holy trinity of tech and bring about the age of singularity. Disclaimer this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Any one considering an investment in cryptocurrencies should consult their own financial advisor.

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