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Decentralized Crypto-economy is a New Paradigm

GigEcoin is the task rabbit for blockchain that rapidly changes the world financial system with value and growth. Working in the gig economy, whether it be navigating urban streets to deliver a package or waiting to find out what task will come your way next, is often an enjoyable thrill or a convenient choice for many individuals.

The Problem

The Office for National Statistics estimates that only 30% of temporary employees are in insecure work because they can’t find a permanent job. But at the same time many gig economy workers are also concerned about the rights they are given. The CIPD recently found that only 13% of gig economy workers said that having fewer rights and benefits is a fair deal in exchange for the independence they got.

There is an urgent need to reform how employment status is defined and attempt to create clearer definitions for the statuses of employee, worker and self-employed. The Director of Labour Market Enforcement and the Gang master and Labour Abuse Authority should be given powers to ensure that the labour market remains fair – including the power to conduct inquiries into sectors and investigations of individual organisations. Businesses are encouraged to be transparent about their employment practices, to help improve best practice. The challenge for Matthew Taylor’s review into employment practices in the modern economy, for the government, and for platforms themselves – is to harness gig economy workers desire for flexibility and for security and satisfaction. We at the Law Society believe that making employment law clearer & employment rights quicker and easier to uphold will help to achieve the best possible workplace in the modern economy.

The Solution

The GigEcoin is a payment crypto currency which individuals and businesses can adopt to process payments for goods and services using its blockchain ledger. GigEcoin by Páy electronic payment terminal & GigEcoin service connects the freelancer with available jobs to form a whole new global sector with its 2020 vision of becoming the world’s freelancer single currency and probably paymaster.

The platforms main feature is its advance booking service- its ability to pick up jobs for freelancers awaiting PING, then issue work contract add to ‘Favourites’, process the payment for their services instantly and save the transaction for the future call, all within the same platform. Gigecoin leverages on the block chain technology to make all these possible.

What is a gig economy token?

A GiGeCoin is a digital currency with operates independently of any central bank, mint, government or organization. There are many advantages to this – it means that the currency cannot be manipulated by people that you do not trust – for example with fiat currencies like the Pound, Dollar or Euro, any time a government chooses to do so, they can change how much the currency is worth – either directly, or by methods like quantitative easing, which reduces debt for the country but badly affects average citizens.

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