Russia Subsidizes Crypto Mining Facility in Siberia
Russia February 10, 2023

Russia Subsidizes Crypto Mining Facility in Siberia

The Russian government has backtracked its anti-crypto mining stance and has now gone as far as subsidizing a crypto min...

CBDC January 3, 2023

Russian Federation Presents Bill on Digital Ruble to State Duma

The Russian Federation has submitted a draft bill regarding the digital ruble to the State Duma, the lower house of the...

Russia December 21, 2022

Bank of Russia Will Test International Crypto Payments

The Bank of Russia (BoR) is reportedly planning to test the use of cryptocurrencies for international payments within th...

Russia December 17, 2022

Bank of Russia Acts to Protect Crypto Companies Against Sanctions

The Central Bank of Russia has introduced a course of action aimed at protecting companies dealing with digital assets a...

Russia October 6, 2022

EU Tightens Crypto Ban on Russia in Latest Round of Sanctions

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has entered its seventh month and the European Union (EU) has now moved to institute its ei...

Crypto December 14, 2020

Russian government put forward new law for officials to report on their crypto investments

The government in Russia has given the green light to its public officials to report details on any cryptocurrency they...

Russia December 8, 2020

Bank of Russia chairwoman believes a digital ruble is a “natural move” in the financial system

Many central banks from all over the world are getting ready to develop and launch their own CBDC.