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IVTday by Ouinex Conference: Over 500 Active Traders Gather in Paris


Paris, renowned for its elegance and sophistication, became the epicenter of trading innovation as the “Interactiv Trading by Ouinex” Conference unfolded its curtains on Friday, April 5 2024 – just days before the start of Paris Blockchain Week. Gathering a record 500 attendees, the event for investors witnessed an extraordinary turnout. As described by the organizers, it showcased “unparalleled support” from Interactiv Trading and its community for the early-stage startup Ouinex. 



Almost every audience member – mostly high net worth active traders – was a holder of $OUIX, having invested in Ouinex during presale rounds. As stated by the team, such tremendous support from the community resulted in Ouinex recently closing a round exceeding $4M. Ouinex founder and CEO Ilies Larbi unveiled Ouinex’s revolutionary Trading Station at the event. 

“The Ouinex Trading Station promises to deliver an unparalleled trading experience, combining transparency, liquidity, and sophistication to cater to the diverse needs of traders,” said Larbi.


The all-day event took place in a posh Salons Hoche in the very heart of Paris. It was led by world-renowned traders, representing Interactiv Trading, Rodolphe Steffan and Xavier Fenaux. As stated in the official announcement, “their presence added exceptional gravitas to the occasion, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey into the future of trading technology.”


Rodolphe Steffan said that Interactiv Trading has one of the largest French-speaking communities – all sophisticated, active traders. “This conference served as a testament to the collective vision and dedication driving the future of trading in all its forms,” said after the conclusion of the event,” he added. 

His colleague Xavier Fenaux said that the team is thankful for the community’s support and “unparalleled passion for trading the markets.”


Ouinex’s unveiling of its Trading Station was the result of several months in preparation and  development, Larbi pointed out. The platform received rave reviews from the community and many attendees showed a lot of interest in learning more about it. 

Larbi also said that the core of Ouinex’s ethos is “a commitment to transparency, ensuring that traders have access to real-time data and insights essential for informed decision-making.” 

These principles, in his mind, can foster trust and empower traders to navigate the complexities of the financial markets with confidence.


In addition, Ouinex is dedicated to liquidity, which sets it apart as a premier trading platform. Leveraging strategic partnerships, such as the one with Interactiv Trading, Ouinex “ensures optimal market liquidity, facilitating seamless trade execution and minimizing slippage,” the company statement proclaimed. 


Two teams together – Interactiv Trading and OUINEXAs the curtains drew to a close on the IVTrading by OUINEX Conference, one thing became abundantly clear to the organizers: the future of trading is here, and it’s more exciting and promising than ever before. Ouinex believes that with the unwavering support of Interactiv Trading, the journey towards a more transparent, liquid, and sophisticated trading ecosystem has only just begun.

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