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Verasity and Creo Engine Join Forces to Introduce Video Functionality to Creo Play

Blockchain-based adtech firm Verasity has announced a new partnership with the well-known web3 gaming platform Creo Engine according to a recent press release. The collaboration is set to include VeraView’s video player features and in-game rewards in Creo Play’s vast library of gaming content and selection of game titles. 

Known for its fast expansion and goal of becoming the backbone of the financial empowerment and digital entertainment ecosystem in Asia, Creo Engine uses blockchain technology to establish web3 gaming systems in the region. Earlier this year, the platform received a public pledge of support from the Chairman of the Indonesia People’s Consultative Assembly and the Vice Chairman of the prominent Indonesian Golkar political party.

The platform also offers users and creators the chance to earn incentives while playing games, promoting financial well-being in mobile gaming and giving developers a safe platform.

Principally, Creo Play is a dedicated platform within the Creo Engine ecosystem. It enables the easy integration of games and digital products from multiple developers and fosters a single metaverse with true interoperability. Creo Play’s infrastructure hosts a wide range of global web3 games, making integration easier for developers. 

With more than 30 web3-based games currently using Creo Engine, some with hundreds of thousands of active users daily, Verasity’s Rewarded Video technology integration offers immense potential. 

Based on the partnership, players can access content, tournaments, and replays from their favorite games in a stand-alone video section inside the Creo Play App.

The partnership between the two companies also offers Creo Play a new revenue stream through very targeted contextual ads supplied by VeraViews’ ad server, which connects with major ad networks, including Google, Amazon Ads, and Pubmatic. Parallel to this, the partnership allows Verasity to increase the number of people using its VeraViews video player.

As RJ Mark, CEO and Founder of Verasity comments on the collaboration, “this is the first of many web3 gaming partnerships that will advance adoption of the VeraViews video player in the blockchain space. We will now leverage our relationships in the web3 gaming space, such as our membership of Neo Tokyo and the launch of VeraAds, to explore similar opportunities in the near future.”

Verasity and Creo Engine will work together in the following months to create a unique video environment for the highlights of Creo Play games and assess the viability of adding Watch & Earn capabilities to Creo Play games.

Notably, this collaboration is consistent with Verasity’s strategic focus on web3 gaming projects, as evidenced by the launch of VeraAds in late 2023—a service designed to give blockchain brands access to VeraView’s advertising suite—and their participation in the Neo Tokyo community, which influential figure Alex Becker founded to connect pioneering brands in crypto gaming. 

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