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Solstorm: The Next-Gen Solution For Solana-based IDOs

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SOLSTORM is a next-generation platform for Solana-based IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings). It is the first fully automated launchpad on Solana that aims to take token sales to the next level for both inventors and IDOs. The platform has already gained a lot of attention and impressive investments. During the strategic round, the platform raised about $2.5 million, with an overall interest evaluation of $7 million. These figures have generated a lot of interest in SOLSTORM, and we decided to investigate further. Read on to discover our findings. First integration with the claim portal on Solana for PUNDU and DAO Maker tokens successfully launched and now the platform has more than 30k daily users with TVL over 12M$.

SOLSTORM is a launchpad for DeFi, NFT, and web3 apps built on Solana by a team of cybersecurity, cryptography, AI, and software development professionals. 

The project is supposed to solve problems urgent in the blockchain realm. For instance, it works as a completely automated IDO platform that enables projects to launch tokens on Solana.Thanks to the locking and burning mechanics, SOLSTORM platform enhances the security of token sales and provides safety to investors. Additionally, the platform offers a polished user experience including on-chain analytics, which we consider as the main benefits of the platform.

SOLSTORM stands out as a beacon of innovation in the ever-evolving realms of DeFi, NFT, and Web3. Built on the robust Solana blockchain, SOLSTORM is not just another launchpad; it’s a gateway to the future of automotive innovation. Designed to welcome a staggering 95% of the crypto community, this platform is a haven for both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and newcomers. Let’s delve into why SOLSTORM stands out as an exceptional opportunity for investors and creators alike.

Furthermore, it is evolving into a full-cycle platform, encompassing an exchange, bridge, and planning the development of all essential tools required by investors and project teams on platforms like launchpads. This comprehensive approach ensures that SOLSTORM remains at the forefront of supporting projects from inception through growth.

Key Advantages

IDO Launches

SOLSTORM streamlines the process of launching ICOs and IDOs on the Solana blockchain, enabling Web3 projects to attract investments more easily.


The project utilizes multiple strategies to maximize its security, which include authentication mechanics, next-generation anti-bot protocols, and thorough smart contract audits. The platform is constantly supported by top cybersecurity experts, and it keeps polishing its security protocols to ensure secure IDOs.User Experience

Being a user-oriented service, SOLSTORM provides its audience with a smooth intuitive interface that is comfortable for both projects and investors. 

Valid Features

In our opinion, the platform offers even more valuable features beyond those already mentioned.

Claim Mechanism

SOLSTORM’s Claim Mechanism allows token holders to easily track and claim their tokens based on their stake in a transparent manner.


The Raydium decentralized exchange facilitates efficient liquidity management for newly launched tokens, allowing them to provide liquidity to their holders and seamlessly boost market dynamics.


The platform enables projects to embrace various token distribution models and meet market needs, by supporting next-gen tokenomics for IDOs with flexibility and adaptability. 


Aiming to foster growth and engagement in the Web3 industry, SOLSTORM connects promising projects with interested users, facilitating greater recognition and community building. 

$STORM and Tools

To conduct a detailed study of SOLSTORM, we thoroughly examined all the documentation related to its asset, $STORM, and tested the available tools.


The project’s tokenomics is powered by its token, $STORM, which is used for IDO allocation increase, launchpad creation, subscriptions, and tier upgrades.

Token Creation

The platform  is a tool that enables users to create Solana-based tokens in a safe and secure manner. The fees associated with the process are also comparatively reasonable. However, it is important to note that the process involves multiple steps, and we recommend referring to the Docs section for further details.


Creating a launchpad involves several steps. The first step involves verifying tokens, the second step requires inputting Launchpad information, and the third step involves providing additional information. The final step is to review everything, submit the request, make the payment, and finally click on the Complete Setup button.


To complete this operation, select the desired networks and assets, specify the route, click the Submit button, and confirm the transaction. 


To swap tokens, connect your wallet, choose the assets to swap, enter their amount, click on the Submit button, and confirm the transaction.


To purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat or exchange fiat for cryptocurrencies, SOLSTORM users simply need to select the desired fiat and cryptocurrencies, input the amount, choose a payment method, and click the Buy or Sell button.


SOLSTORM offers ease of use, robust security measures, comprehensive support, and community backing, paving the way for the next generation of automotive innovations.It’s a user-friendly and ambitious solution, showing promise in boosting the blockchain industry. Why not test it? You can get more information about project  on TG community and X.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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