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Shiba Inu’s Marketing Lead Lucie Issues Investment Caution and Offers Strategic Advice for New Shibarium Projects

Lucie, the official marketing expert of the Shiba Inu team, recently addressed the SHIB community on X/Twitter with a significant warning about investment choices in projects, particularly those involving the layer-2 blockchain Shibarium.

Lucie emphasized that the failure of some projects could be attributed to poor management or insufficient growth, rather than fraudulent schemes like rug pulls.

She cautioned investors, stating, “Even the best can get their fingers burned.” She underlined her priority, asserting, “I’m $SHIB first everything comes after…”

In her communications, Lucie also provided guidance for new projects aiming to launch on Shibarium.

She stressed the importance of self-reliance, noting that new initiatives do not require endorsements to be successful. Lucie outlined key strategies for these projects, including the necessity of presenting a clear roadmap and defining achievable goals.

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She advised projects to actively engage with their communities across major social media platforms, such as Telegram and Discord, emphasizing respect and active participation as crucial for maintaining a good relationship with community members.

Furthermore, Lucie advised against spending on marketing. Instead, she recommended focusing on organic community growth and securing genuine supporters to establish a more sustainable and engaged supporter base.

Her guidance reflects a strategic approach to fostering long-term success and stability for projects within the Shibarium ecosystem.

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