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Rabbit AI Denies Coffeezilla’s Allegations of NFT Scam and Overhyped Products, Cites Transparency and User Feedback

Artificial intelligence (AI) company Rabbit has refuted some allegations made by YouTube investigator Stephen Findeisen, also known as “Coffeezilla.” Rabbit maintains that it has been open about its rebranding and transition into AI.

On May 22, Findeisen accused Rabbit of being involved in a nonfungible token (NFT) scam and attempting to cover it up.

He highlighted the company’s rebranding from Cyber Manufacture to Rabbit, which he suggested was done discreetly.

Findeisen also alleged that Jesse Lyu, Rabbit AI’s founder and CEO, failed to deliver on promises made to supporters of the Gama NFT project.

He criticized Rabbit’s new Rabbit R1 AI product as being “overhyped,” akin to the NFT project he labeled a “scam.”

In response, a Rabbit spokesperson told Cointelegraph that Rabbit and the Gama project were distinct ventures under the same umbrella.

They cited a 2023 tech media article confirming the rebranding from Cyber Manufacturing to Rabbit.

The spokesperson emphasized that most current employees joined after the rebranding, stating that over 80% of Rabbit’s staff were hired post-December 2023, a few months after the rebrand.

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The spokesperson also addressed the Gama project’s conclusion, asserting:
“Jesse strongly disputes Coffeezilla’s allegations that he and the Gama team were not forthright about the open-sourcing of the project, which had the support of investors, and his shift in focus to AI hardware.”

They further noted that Lyu has a history as an entrepreneur and was involved in various projects, including Gama.

The spokesperson explained that the Gama project ended before Rabbit was founded and added, “At the end of the day, many companies do pivot.”

Regarding Findeisen’s comments on the Rabbit R1, the spokesperson said they are actively gathering feedback from users.

They noted that 10,000 users have generated over 600,000 interactions with the product in the past thirty days.

The company also mentioned that they have released updates based on user feedback and are launching new features continuously.

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