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Investiva Leads the Way with ClimateGiveBack : A Groundbreaking Initiative in Carbon Removal

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LONDON, 11 March — Investiva, the trailblazing Forex broker and CFD trading platform leader, takes a monumental step towards a greener future with its latest initiative, ClimateGiveBack. This groundbreaking program allows Investiva users to contribute a percentage of their revenue to support the earliest-stage carbon removal companies in Frontier’s portfolio. In just a few clicks, businesses can make a direct impact, helping these companies transition from the lab to the field, fostering innovation and real-world change.

A Catalyst for Carbon Removal Innovation

Investiva Paves the Way: As part of its commitment to environmental sustainability, Investiva introduces ClimateGiveBack, a user-friendly platform feature that empowers businesses to play a crucial role in advancing carbon removal technologies. By supporting Frontier’s portfolio companies, users catalyze innovation, drive real-world solutions, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Easy and Impactful: ClimateGiveBack  simplifies the process, allowing businesses to allocate a percentage of their revenue effortlessly. This initiative is tailored for those who prioritize catalyzing the field of carbon removal and do not require a specific tonnage purchase to meet climate targets.

Key Features of ClimateGiveBack

1. Seamless Integration: Investiva’s ClimateGiveBack seamlessly integrates with the trading platform, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. In just a few clicks, businesses can make a significant impact without disrupting their operations.

2. Direct Support for Innovators: By directing a percentage of revenue to Forest Carbon’s project in the Carbon Club, users actively support the earliest-stage innovators in the carbon removal sector. This direct support accelerates the development and deployment of groundbreaking technologies.

3. Fostering Real-World Change: ClimateGiveBack goes beyond traditional sustainability efforts. It’s a tangible way for businesses to contribute to real-world change by supporting companies at the forefront of carbon removal advancements.

Investiva’s Ongoing Environmental Initiatives

Beyond our trading platform, we actively engage in carbon removal projects with Forest Carbon. Collaborating on initiatives like tree planting and peatland restoration, we also support Carbon Club UK’s Nature project. This spans multiple locations in the United Kingdom, fostering nature protection, creation, and restoration. These efforts empower businesses to make transparent and conscientious corporate social responsibility investments.

Profit with Purpose: At Investiva, we seamlessly blend profit with purpose. Excelling in Forex trading and CFDs, our commitment goes beyond financial success. We actively contribute to building a sustainable future through holistic practices where economic prosperity aligns with environmental responsibility.

Join Investiva in Shaping a Greener Tomorrow

Investiva extends an invitation to businesses and individuals to join the ClimateGiveBack initiative. By integrating carbon removal support into their trading activities, users contribute to environmental progress while benefiting from Investiva’s cutting-edge CFD trading platform.

In conclusion, Investiva stands as a beacon of financial innovation and ecological responsibility. Our platform transcends the role of a mere trading venue; it’s a transformative space where users, from novices to seasoned professionals, encounter a dynamic blend of automated tools, robust risk management, and personalized guidance.

Our excellence and user-centric approach are evident through accolades like Best Crypto Trading Platform and Best Finance App at the Finance Feeds Awards 2023, along with the Red Dot Design Award in 2022.

CEO Thomas Duarte humorously encapsulates our environmental commitment, advising, “Count your carbon before they tax.” This signature phrase mirrors Investiva’s dedication to carbon neutrality. As part of our eco-friendly protocols, every employee appends to their email signature: “Be like me, be Carbon free – don’t print this and save a tree.” This simple act underscores our commitment to a sustainable future.

As we stride into the future, Investiva remains at the forefront, offering a secure, feature-rich platform. Join us, experience the Investiva difference, and elevate your crypto trading with us, Open your account

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