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Demigod NFTs: Army of Fortune’s Next Generation of Gaming NFTs

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) entered gaming with a lot of hype in early 2022. But just as quickly as they had risen, they fell. Within just a few months, gaming NFTs had become associated with having a horrible user experience (UX). 

The new technology had failed to do what it had promised; it did not empower the player. Instead, it had sidelined the player. Technical barriers and the high costs of early web3-powered gaming had done the opposite and alienated a large player base. This caused a widespread dislike for NFTs in gaming. 

And this is the kind of environment that the AOFVerse project finds itself operating in. But despite how hostile it might seem, the team is confident that their approach to web3 gaming will make a difference. Central to their plans are the newly-launched Demigod NFTs. 

What Are Demigod NFTs? 

Demigod NFTs, or “Demigods” for short, are the first NFTs created for the Army of Fortune Metaverse (AOFverse). The AOFVerse is an expansive virtual world that the studio plans to fill with mobile games that use blockchain technology. Here, every Demigod will be an enhanced NFT version of in-game heroes and characters (known as troops) with unique abilities. 

Every character in the AOFVerse will have its own set of demigod NFTs of different rarities. 5 on-chain traits will determine this rarity so that, in total, there will be 5 Demigod rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Champion. Each character will have a total of 100,000 Common NFTs, 10,000 Rare ones, 1,000 Epic ones, 100 Legendary, and 10 Champion NFTs. 

Why Are They Different?

Most early attempts at blockchain gaming were underwhelming. Even those that seemed to be fairing pretty well eventually succumbed to the same problem: a hyper fixation on monetary gain. Play had been reduced to grinding NFTs in boring, uninspiring gameplay loops where the ultimate goal was to collect enough tokens to trade at a later time.

Seeing this, the AOFVerse team developed a new framework for web3 gaming. It is called Game 3.0, and at its core, it looks to elevate the standards of web3 gaming by preserving the gameplay and social mechanics that people have always enjoyed in gaming. 

Simply put, Game 3.0 doesn’t turn gaming into an NFT minting race. Video games remain games. For example, a shooter game will be primarily about eliminating enemies with key gameplay mechanics designed around that to keep it fun and engaging. Blockchain technology only enters the picture to enhance the player experience. 

The technology is also integrated seamlessly within a largely familiar user interface (UI). According to the project, it should be impossible for players to tell if they are playing a web3-powered game. 

In this case, Demigod NFTs will not be the primary focus of the AOFVerse. That will be providing high-quality mobile games that people enjoy playing. The NFTs will only come along as a way to enhance the player’s experience within the virtual world. 

So, what role do they play in this ecosystem? 

The Functionality of Demigod NFTs 

Demigod NFTs possess cross-game interoperability. Thus, players can use them across the entire AOF metaverse in multiple games. 

The NFTs will function similarly to other in-game units. They can be used in decks and deployed in the arena for battles or stored in the player’s collection alongside normal troop cards. 

Demigods will also have staking power. They can be staked in specific locations in the Army of Fortune universe to unlock special perks. For example, staking Demigods in Buildings unlocks additional production queues, while staking in warehouses expands storage space. That’s not all; the NFTs are also a requirement for starting a clan. 

AOFVerse’s Clans are formed when players team up. Members can chat and lend and borrow character cards and NFTs from one another. The feature is yet to be released, but once it does, users looking to begin a clan (and become a clan leader) will need to have and stake a Demigod. 

Generally, Demigods are a way to empower the player in the Army of Fortune Metaverse. They can be used in-game as part of the gameplay loop and also in the wider digital realm that the game is part of, all to the benefit of the player. 

How Does One Obtain Demigod NFTs?

Within the AOFVerse, players have the opportunity to mint their very own Demigods. But to do that, players must reach Island level three in the Army of Tactics game. This is currently the only game released in the AOFVerse. 

Additionally, the minting of Demigods necessitates the use of Crystals. Crystals are a valuable in-game resource. The need to be forged, a process that requires another resource known as Jewelry, which is a specific class of in-game items consisting of rings and necklaces that can only be acquired through quests or by opening treasure chests

It is worth noting that players can only forge Crystals from level 3 onwards. The level of a Crystal is directly correlated to the island the player is currently located on. For instance, level 1 Crystals are granted upon reaching Island 3, level 2 Crystals on Island 4, level 3 Crystals on Island 5, and so forth. Utilizing a Crystal of a higher level enhances the player’s chances of minting a rare Demigod.

Besides minting, Demigod NFTs can be obtained through various alternative methods. These are opening Crystal Forge treasure chests or trading with other players on various NFT marketplaces. Players can use this guide to learn how to use the official exchanges AOFverse has partnered with.

The Army of Fortune team first plans to generate and release 200 common Demigods for the initial release before unlocking full rarities at a later date. These will be evenly split between Blick the Gobbler and Frog Pikeman.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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