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Chainlink Co-Founder Predicts Growth in Crypto ETFs and Enhanced Mainstream Adoption of Web3

In a recent interview at the Token2049 event in Dubai, Sergey Nazarov, the co-founder of Chainlink, offered insights into the future developments in the cryptocurrency sector.

During his discussion with Cointelegraph, Nazarov highlighted the expanding role of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and the potential for mainstream adoption of Web3 and digital assets.

Nazarov believes that the approval of Bitcoin ETFs marks the beginning of a broader acceptance of crypto-based ETFs, predicting that other cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum will soon follow suit.

He explained, “I think what’s next is more ETFs about coins other than Bitcoin and Ethereum. So, I think the ETF dynamic is going to continue during this year and just grow and grow and grow.”

Additionally, he discussed the potential integration of tokenized real-world assets (RWAs) into the Web3 ecosystem, facilitated by both Web3 companies and traditional banks.

This collaboration is expected to merge the realms of digital and traditional finance.

Nazarov anticipates that this convergence will be significant, stating, “Eventually, I expect the Web3 assets to be bought by the banks and the bank assets to be bought by the Web3 protocols for various reasons why they would want each other’s assets.”

He forecasts that these developments could take place within the next three to four years.

Another crucial area of development, according to Nazarov, is the usability of cryptocurrency.

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He stressed the necessity for improvements to make digital assets more accessible and user-friendly.

“I think the usability of crypto still has a long way to go,” he commented, noting that user experience is “nowhere near what it needs to be,” indicating substantial enhancements are still required.

To further drive crypto toward widespread acceptance, Nazarov identified four key areas that need addressing: usability, scalability, connectivity, and privacy.

He regards these factors as central to the growth and evolution of the cryptocurrency industry, emphasizing that ongoing efforts are being made to enhance these aspects.

“I would say the usability, the scalability, the connectivity and the privacy are the four main pillars of what I look at the crypto industry when I think about how it is developing,” he stated.

Nazarov remains optimistic about the progress of these initiatives and believes that the crypto community will continue to innovate and expand the possibilities within the industry.

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