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Blockchain Security Firm Recovers Nearly $100 Million in Stolen Digital Assets Amid March Hacking Spree

In March, the blockchain security firm PeckShield reported a significant recovery effort resulting in the return of nearly $100 million in digital assets from a series of hacks.

Throughout the month, over 30 security breaches occurred, leading to a staggering total loss of $187 million in digital currencies.

Despite this, PeckShield’s diligent work facilitated the recuperation of 52.8% of the stolen funds, totaling $98.8 million.

The report by PeckShield on April 1 detailed the month’s five most substantial hacking incidents.

Leading the list was the Munchables hack, which resulted in the most considerable financial damage, followed by breaches involving Curio, Prisma Finance, NFPrompt, and the WOOFi exploit.

The Munchables incident, a nonfungible token game on the Blast network, was particularly noteworthy.

On March 26, it was revealed that the game had been compromised, initially estimating the losses at $62 million.

In a surprising turn of events, the stolen funds were returned by the hacker the following day, without any demand for ransom.

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It was later discovered that the perpetrator was one of the game’s developers. Blast’s creator, Pacman, confirmed that $97 million had been secured by the core contributors of Blast following this breach.

Another significant incident involved Prisma Finance, from which $11 million in digital assets were stolen. Shortly after the theft, the decentralized finance protocol halted its operations to investigate.

The hacker reached out, claiming the act was a “white hat rescue,” and discussions for fund recovery are underway.

Curio’s breach involved a MakerDAO-based smart contract on Ethereum, with initial estimates of the loss around $16 million, though PeckShield’s analysis suggests the figure is closer to $40 million, making it the second-largest loss in March.

Additionally, the Binance-supported NFPrompt experienced unauthorized access leading to a $10 million loss, and the WooFi decentralized exchange was exploited for approximately $8.5 million.

These incidents underscore the ongoing risks in the digital asset space, even as significant efforts are made to enhance security and recover lost funds.

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