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Bitcoin’s Cycle Peak: Expert Predictions Clash as Cryptocurrency Surges Past $70,000

Bitcoin‘s trajectory remains a subject of fervent speculation, with diverging views on whether its recent surge to $70,000 constitutes the peak of its current cycle.

Veteran trader Peter Brandt proposes an “exponential decay” pattern, indicating that Bitcoin’s successive cycles have seen diminishing peaks, with each reaching approximately 20% of the previous cycle’s peak gain.

Brandt estimates the current cycle’s top at $70,000, a mark already surpassed in March when prices briefly exceeded $73,000.

However, he acknowledges a 25% likelihood that Bitcoin has already crested this cycle.

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Giovanni Santostasi, CEO of Quantonomy, rebuts Brandt’s theory, citing insufficient data for robust statistical analysis.

Instead, Santostasi proposes a model based on long-term power law behavior, projecting a fourth cycle peak around December 2025 at approximately $210,000, with a projected bottom for the subsequent cycle around $83,000.

Numerous experts offer their own predictions, with Swyftx lead analyst Pav Hundal foreseeing Bitcoin doubling by the 2028 halving, reaching an estimated $120,000.

Laurent Benayoun, CEO of Acheron Trading, anticipates a potential cycle peak of $180,000. Fidelity Digital Assets, meanwhile, revises its medium-term outlook for Bitcoin, asserting that it is “no longer cheap.”

The current price of Bitcoin stands at $62,528, a 15% decline from its mid-March all-time high.

Despite the variance in forecasts, the cryptocurrency market continues to captivate investors and analysts alike, with each theory offering its own perspective on Bitcoin’s trajectory and potential future peaks.

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