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Binance Thrives Amid Regulatory Scrutiny, Assets Under Custody Surpass $100 Billion

Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has demonstrated resilience in the face of actions by the United States Department of Justice against it and its co-founder Changpeng Zhao.

Impressively, its assets under custody have soared to over $100 billion as of March 18, marking a significant increase from $40 billion at the beginning of the year.

This remarkable growth has been attributed to the doubling of Binance users’ assets under custody. Binance emphasizes its commitment to security and transparency, noting, “We hold all user funds at a 1:1 ratio, plus additional reserves, which anyone can verify using Binance’s proof-of-reserves (POR) system.”

This system showcases the exchange’s robust collateralization ratios, with over 100% coverage for major cryptocurrencies and altcoins.

Despite this, experts caution that proof-of-reserves might not fully account for an entity’s liabilities, potentially omitting crucial details regarding net equity.

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Nevertheless, Richard Teng, CEO of Binance, assures that the exchange operates on a “debt-free” capital structure.

The exchange also clarifies that while blockchain market intelligence firms offer valuable insights, their data may not perfectly capture the entirety of user funds on Binance due to the inclusion of operational assets.

Binance maintains that the most accurate figures regarding user asset holdings are available through their monthly POR audits.

In a strategic move, Binance announced on March 12 its decision to sever ties with its venture capital division, Binance Labs, despite the latter’s impressive track record of returns averaging over 14x on investments and a portfolio valued at $10 billion.

This separation underscores the independence of Binance Labs, which, while licensed to use Binance’s trademark, has no further association with the Binance exchange or any related entities.

This development highlights Binance’s continuous efforts to streamline operations and maintain transparency in its dealings, further cementing its position in the cryptocurrency market amidst regulatory scrutiny.

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