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Argentine Demand for Bitcoin Soars as Peso Plummets, with Citizens Seeking Cryptocurrency as Economic Lifeline

In Argentina, the recent surge in Bitcoin demand reflects the population’s attempts to safeguard their savings amid the peso’s rapid devaluation.

Bloomberg highlighted this trend on March 20, citing a report from Lemon Cash, a cryptocurrency exchange, which recorded an unprecedented interest in Bitcoin.

In the week ending March 10, nearly 35,000 Argentines turned to Bitcoin, marking a twofold increase in the cryptocurrency’s weekly purchase rate compared to the previous year.

The Argentine peso has suffered a significant decline over the past year, with its value against the US dollar plummeting fourfold, from 0.0049 USD in March 2023 to 0.0012 USD.

This depreciation has been a key driver for many Argentines to look for more stable investment alternatives, such as Bitcoin.

Lemon Cash isn’t the only platform experiencing increased demand for cryptocurrencies.

Other major Argentine exchanges like Ripio and Belo have reported similar trends. Belo’s CEO, Manuel Beaudroi, observed a shift in preference from stablecoins to Bitcoin, attributing this change to the cryptocurrency’s recent price rally.

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Beaudroi explained, “The user decides to buy Bitcoin when they see the news that the currency is going up, while stablecoin is more pragmatic and many times used for transactional purposes, as a vehicle to make payments abroad.”

Furthermore, he mentioned that Belo has witnessed a tenfold increase in transactions involving Bitcoin and Ether in early 2024 compared to the same timeframe in the previous year.

Despite the burgeoning interest in Bitcoin, there’s still a notable inclination towards stablecoins.

Argentines are reportedly bypassing well-known exchanges to purchase USD stablecoins through “crypto caves,” unregulated markets that offer an escape from stringent currency controls and inflation.

The adoption of digital currency in Argentina is gradually extending beyond investment purposes.

In December 2023, Diana Mondino, minister of foreign affairs, international trade, and worship, announced a decree facilitating the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies under specific conditions as part of economic reform efforts.

This led to a groundbreaking rental agreement in Rosario, where a tenant agreed to pay their rent in Bitcoin, showcasing the growing practical use of digital currencies in everyday transactions.

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