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Arbitrum Whales Move Millions in Tokens to Exchanges Amid Market Speculation, Triggering Mixed Community Reactions

In March, a significant movement of Arbitrum‘s ARB tokens into exchanges was observed, particularly following the release of a considerable volume of vested tokens.

Lookonchain, a blockchain data platform, reported on March 23 that four wallets had moved ARB tokens to exchanges, subsequent to a $2.32 billion token unlock on March 16.

Specifically, 11.34 million ARB tokens, valued at $18.5 million, were deposited into Binance across four transactions.

The crypto community has been divided over these transactions. One member did not see it as a negative indicator, while another expressed skepticism about ARB’s potential to appreciate.

This followed a previous instance where 11 whales deposited significant amounts of ARB into exchanges on March 18, after Arbitrum, a layer-2 blockchain initiative, unlocked $2.3 billion in tokens.

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The allocation included 673.5 million ARB for team and advisers, with another 438.25 million for investors, all released at once, raising concerns of a potential market dump.

Subsequent to the token release, ARB’s price trajectory has been downward. From a high of $2.22 on March 13, it fell to $1.84 by the unlock date, March 16.

The following week saw fluctuations, reaching a low of $1.48 and a high of $1.79, with a price of $1.70 at the time of reporting.

According to CoinGecko, this marked a nearly 29% decrease from its January 12 all-time high of $2.39.

This series of events and the market’s response have hinted at a potential continuation of the bearish trend.

Adding to the speculation, Token Unlocks, a vesting tracker, revealed that another 92.65 million ARB tokens are set to be released for advisers, the team, and investors on April 16, which could further impact the market dynamics.

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