MyEtherWallet is an open source, javascript, client-side tool, which is used to generate Ethereum Wallets and to send transactions. The great thing about MyEtherWallet is that is gives you the ability to generate new wallets, which mean that you can store your Ether yourself, as opposed to on an exchange. Although there are many pros to having this stored completely on your own computer, it does means that you are responsible for safely backing up any new wallet. MyEtherWallet works slightly different to other wallets, because they are not ‘web wallets’. No account is needed, as everything is stored on your computer, not their servers. In order to access your wallet, MyEtherWallet will give you a place where you can access any information, which will then allow you to make any changes or transactions.

Supported Coins

Coin Supported
Ethereum (ETH)