The Mycelium wallet is perfect for the Bitcoin user as it gives complete control over the coin features. It is constantly being innovated by the large and active team that has backed the wallet since the very beginning. The team has developed their wallet mainly through Android Mobile; however, as well as this, they have also developed cold wallet pre-paid cards, that can act as a form of cold storage. It is one of the longest running and most widely used wallets in today’s market. As well as offering a wallet for your cryptocurrencies; they also have a number of different services on offer, which include; Mycelium Gear, which allows you accept Bitcoin payments for free. They use sophisticated API, and is incredibly easy to use. They will not hold your money, and instead it will go straight into your wallet. Their Joint Escrow feature guarantees the safety of the deals with anyone in the world. The automated payroll process sends monthly payments incredibly quickly, regardless of the size of the organisation. Another feature is Mycelium Swish, where you can automate the ordering and payment processes in restaurants and bars. The advantage of this is that it can help you to save money on staffing costs, which will keep your customers satisfied. The Mycelium Card, is not the access key to the account, but rather the container for coins. To put it simply, it is the user interface and POS terminal in one, and is equipped with a display and a keypad. The battery operated card allows complete automated operations, and can be connected to a computer through a Mycelium reader, that will both charge the battery and access transaction records. Users can complete up to a few hundred payment operations with just one charging cycle. Finally, the Mycelium Entropy is a small, USB like device that uses hardware based entropy to generate printable Bitcoin paper wallets. These physical wallets are created in just 2 easy steps, which allows you to easily create a number of different Bitcoin wallets.

Supported Coins

Coin Supported
Bitcoin (BTC)