HashCoins - Reviewed

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Hashcoins.com is a website that is dedicated to HashCoins and all of their projects. At CryptoDaily, we want to provide the best service for our customers, and we review the latest cryptocurrency sites, so you know what the pros and cons are, so you can make an informed choice as to whether you choose to invest in the cryptocurrency or not.

Let’s start with the positives of the site. Its minimalistic appearance makes it very easy to see immediately what HashCoins is. They claim to be experienced, professional and trustworthy. They started way back in 2013, so they are fairly established in the cryptocurrency world, and as we know, experience has a lot of standing when it comes to investors. On top of this, they boast a team of top level specialists who have many years dealing in different global projects. Again, this is a really great thing to have when you are dealing with a cryptocurrency. Reputation is everything in the somewhat fickle cryptocurrency market. The fact they have a lot of years of experience, as well as global projects, shows that it is here to stay, something that is very attractive to investors. Finally, they have over 400,000 private customers and 60 companies who use the company on a daily business.

As well as giving you detailed, but concise information about the blockchain technology and their cryptocurrency, they also detail their mining hardware, catering for everyone. If you are looking for a cryptocurrency to invest in, Hashcoins.com has something for you, but likewise, if you are looking to try your hand at mining, you can find information regarding their mining hardware, which they have been manufacturing since 2013. Speaking of their hardware, they say;

“Our hardware-software complexes run ASIC mining chips based on SHA-256 and Scrypt algorithms. A part of the equipment uses classical GPU chips. In 2015 we have changed our business model from B2C to B2B, working with business customers only as we mostly keep the hardware for the needs of HashFlare.”

Finally, and this really sets this website apart from others, is that it actually lists opportunities for you to become part of the team. So if you are looking at a career, as opposed to just an investment or a mining opportunity, you can see all of the IT careers that are available.

Now for the negative aspects of the site. Although it is very easy to navigate, it is actually fairly difficult to establish how to invest in HashCoins and how to purchase their mining equipment. So, as an informative website it is great, and HashCoins could be a great investment option.

As with any cryptocurrency investment, it is so important that you are responsible and carry out your own research, so you can make informed and educated choices when it comes to investing your money. Our review is as an interest and informative point of view only, and should not be the basis of your decisions.