HashCoins is an Estonian company, who manufactures ASIC-based cryptocurrency mining equipment, with the ultimate goal of providing the average investor with the ability to participate in the digital currency economy. It is a small company, operated by just six individuals. This does not stop them from being one of the top mining equipment and contract providers. They have a suite of SHA-256, Script and Script-n rigs, which makes multiple options available for any avid miner. Their machines are all very easy to use and set up, and come in a simple plug and play form. If you do not want the hassle of setting it up in your own home, Hashcoins can do it for you with their Hashflare.io mining management portal, which offers a full set of mining contracts with 24/7 support, although it should be noted that there is a daily maintenance fee and an intuitive and user-friendly portal with great functionality.

Established Country Website
2011 Estonia Enter HashCoins Website