Gatecoin Exchange


Gatecoin exchange focuses on security, reliability and cost-effective transfers. It is a regulated digital currency exchange, that is also capable of provided other related services, such as prepaid debit cards, as well as merchant and remittance solutions. It is one of the first exchanges to launch Ethereum markets. The exchange was started in 2013 and has been designed for both professional traders and retail investors. The Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange enables individuals and institutions around the world to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets. The exchange is incredibly easy to use, but the exchange has a dedicated support team should you require extra help. The smart and mobile-optimised interface allows you to trade using your tablet or smart phone. Their platform is constantly improving to ensure that it is the best it possibly can be. Finally, like all good exchanges, it is decentralised, modular, scalable and secure, using bank-grade security features to ensure the security of your account.

Established Country Website
2013 China Enter Gatecoin Website

All Trading Fees

Volume Thresholds (BTC) Maker Fee % Taker Fee %
50 BTC 0.25 0.35
100 BTC 0.2 0.3
200 BTC 0.15 0.25
500 BTC 0.12 0.2
1,300 BTC 0.1 0.16
2,600 BTC 0.08 0.14
5,200 BTC 0.06 0.13
13,000 BTC 0.05 0.12
20,000 BTC 0.04 0.11
MAX 0.02 0.1

Fee Deposit Methods

  • SEPA
  • Local Wire Transfer
  • International Wire Transfer
  • OkPay

Fee Withdrawal Methods

  • Local Wire Transfer
  • International Wire Transfer