Freewallet is a multi-currency crypto wallet platform that was created to provide regular users with an easy and reliable way to store and manage their coins. There are a number of different Freewallet offerings, including Freewallet: Crypto Wallet — the platform’s flagship application which allows users to work with BTC, ETH, and over 100 other currencies all in a single app for iOS, Android or the web — and 22 applications on Android and 11 apps on iOS dedicated to individual coins.

Freewallet delivers on its claim of simplifying the crypto process with a number of standout features. With an intuitive design and always available support desk, users are made to feel comfortable at Freewallet. Additionally, transfers within the Freewallet ecosystem — i.e. from one Freewallet user to another — occur instantaneously and are free of charge. Freewallet also has robust security anchored by a secure cold storage system, multi-sig transaction confirmations, and 2fa, pincode, and fingerprint support.

With its user friendly layout, Freewallet makes the perfect vehicle for people to explore the crypto space. Everything has been arranged with an eye to making things as understandable and stress-free as possible, a rarity in the world of crypto. Users can make crypto purchases with credit cards, monitor the going rates for hundreds of coins, and toggle between over a dozen available platform languages. With Freewallet, it’s all about the user.

Supported Coins

Coin Supported
Ardor (ARDR)  
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)  
Bytecoin (BCN)  
Binance Coin (BNB)  
Bitcoin SV (BSV)  
Bitcoin (BTC)  
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)  
BitTorrent (BTT)  
Dash (DASH)  
Decent (DCT)  
Digibyte (DGB)  
Dogecoin (DOGE)  
Ethereum (ETH)  
Lisk (LSK)  
Litecoin (LTC)  
Nxt (NXT)  
Tether (USDT)  
Vechain (VET)  
DigitalNote (XDN)  
Stellar (XLM)  
Monero (XMR)  
Ripple (XRP)  
ZCash (ZEC)