Cool Cousin ICO - Reviewed



Token: CUZ

Price: 3,770 CUZ = 1 ETH

Start Date: March 2018

Total Supply: 300,000,000 CUZ

Accepting: ETH

Minimum Investment: 0.1 ETH

Hard Cap: 17,500 ETH


OVERVIEW Cool Cousin have launched an ICO in order to fund their latest project, which thus far, seems to be a complete success.

The Cool Cousin ICO is sentiment to their cool persona and of course, their cool plan, to revolutionize travel with a sharing economy, powered by blockchain technology. Cool Cousin are a company used by half a million travelers worldwide, endorsement from the New York Times, Guardian, TechCrunch and National Geographic highlights the true scope of this company, backed by monthly double-digit growth, placing Cool Cousin as a serious brand within the $2.3Trillion travel and tourism industry. The future plan for Cool Cousin is to a travel companion, providing users with up to date, on demand travel guidance and information, using information donated by locals and natives to the area, also known as ‘cousins’. The information you receive on Cool Cousin is personal, relevant and, up-to-date. Backed by CUZ, the native currency to Cool Cousin, travelers and ‘cousins’ are rewarded for their interaction within the app. Moreover, because the platform is so intuitive, getting these contributors onboard is no stress. What next for Cool Cousin? After the successful ICO, a full token sale will commence, before the launch of a new wallet follows. Then, further plans for Android development, community product launches and business partner integrations will kick start Cool Cousins eventual plan for adoption. Check out the full team on the Cool Cousin website for further details- This is a trendy and useful new tool with great real-world applications. This ICO looks to present a really good opportunity for investors to get behind a product with real potential and real vision that is paving the way for new technology within the travel and tourism industry.

Cool Cousin (CUZ) ICO Conclusion

Cool Cousin is an existing application, available on iOS and online that is designed to help travellers, especially young travellers, connect with ‘cousins’ in cities around the world. Users can interact with the app by asking cousins questions. Cousins are locally-based, real people, with real insight into the city in which they reside. Cousins are available to talk to at any time, in which ever city you choose to visit. It’s like having a ‘cool cousin’ everywhere you go. At present, Cool Cousin have 500,000 iOS users through it’s existing mobile application. Now, they wish to expand further, by seeking funding through a token sale of their new native currency, CUZ. CUZ will be used to incentive community participation, guiding Cool Cousin on a path to becoming the world’s biggest and best, decentralised travel agency.

Cool Cousin Team



Founder & CEO