Aussie Regulator Sues Crypto Exchange Kraken for Design and Distribution Failures
Breaking News September 21, 2023

Aussie Regulator Sues Crypto Exchange Kraken for Design and Distribution Failures

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) sued Bit Trade Pty Ltd, the provider of Kraken to the Austral...

Business September 11, 2023

LayerZero Labs Responds to FTX Lawsuit

The background of the dispute goes back to a series of transactions between LayerZero and Alameda Ventures, the investme...

Regulation September 9, 2023

Thodex Crypto Exchange Founder Sentenced in Turkish Court

The decision came in response to the abrupt collapse of Thodex in 2021.

Binance August 16, 2023

Binance Shuts Down Fiat-to-Crypto Platform, Binance Connect

Binance is reportedly shutting down its regulated fiat-to-crypto platform, Binance Connect. The platform will reportedly...

Business August 16, 2023

CoinDesk Cuts 45% of Its Editorial Staff Amid Sale Rumours

Crypto media outlet CoinDesk has cut its editorial staff by 45% as its parent company DCG prepares to introduce strategi...

FTX August 8, 2023

FTX Attorneys Face Second Lawsuit for Allegedly Aiding in Fraud

The law firm representing FTX, Fenwick & West, has been slapped with a class action lawsuit by a group of FTX customers...

Regulation August 8, 2023 Obtains Payments License from MAS

Licenses from entities like MAS are instrumental in validating a platform's adherence to regional financial and operatio...

Regulation August 7, 2023

Huobi Faces Insolvency Rumors Amid $USDT Selloff

Cochran bases his assertions on a detailed examination of Huobi's balance sheets and the recent activities of Justin Sun...

Business August 7, 2023

Binance Releases August Report For Proof of Reserves

The report is based on an audit for $BTC Block Height 801130 from aggregated data updated to August 1st, 2023.