Ethereum interest rises On Google as the price continues to spike
Google January 08, 2021

Ethereum interest rises On Google as the price continues to spike

When it comes to Ethereum, more people are searching for it on Google than they ever have before.

Ethereum January 7, 2021

Ethereum becomes one of the top 100 assets worldwide as its market cap grows 

Many of the top crypto assets over the past week have been accelerating massively on the markets. 

Ethereum January 7, 2021

Ethereum breaks $1200 for the first time in years as the bulls seemingly take control

Yesterday was the first time in three years that Ethereum broke above $1200 as bullish sentiment runs throughout the ind...

Ethereum January 6, 2021

Ethereum: starting off 2021 on the right foot

Things seem to be looking good when it comes to Ethereum. 

Ethereum January 6, 2021

With ETH making gains, the Grayscale Ethereum trust falls on hard times

Despite currently being priced at $1118 following a 7.23 percent increase over the past 24 hours, shares in the Ethereum...

Bitcoin January 5, 2021

Could it be gold that witnesses BTC & ETH drive higher this year?

The world of crypto has once more been thrown into the mainstream media. 

Ethereum January 5, 2021

Ethereum fees almost doubled on the network hitting a new all-time high

Network fees on the Ethereum are getting ready to continue climbing with the average value maximising at just over $17 p...

Ethereum December 30, 2020

Getting started on Ethereum with a Wallet

When you’re new to an industry such as cryptocurrency, everything can be a bit daunting at first. 

Ethereum December 29, 2020

Ethereum 101: what Ethereum is and why it is constantly compared to Bitcoin 

If you are new to the crypto industry, bitcoin might be the only asset that you have heard of.