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Crypto Daily Media Pack Guidelines

Any developers or designers looking to use to credit Crypto Daily may do so with the appropriate use of our logo, providing the publication meets our guidelines and expectations. Any use of our logo will be reviewed by a member of the team who may ask you to remove the logo until we deem it’s use acceptable.

You should always use our main logo, including the text and Crypto Daily icon. Both a filled and transparent version is available, please use the background appropriately, referring to the following images as examples:

The logo should always have minimum dimensions of 150px by 68px in order to ensure the text remains visible and clear.

Colour Guidelines

Please do not use any colours other than the following:

Dark Blue









Anybody using the Crypto Daily must adhere to the following:

  • Do not change any spacing between the Crypto Daily icon and the text on the logo.
  • Do not change any spacing between any letters.
  • Do not change the font.
  • Do not use any colours other than those detailed in these guidelines.
  • Do not add any filters or effects to the logo.
  • Do not change any of the shapes visible in the logo.
  • Do not change the aspect ratio of the image, ensuring the icon and text are not distorted.
  • Do not make any changes to the logo whatsoever.
  • Please ensure the brand is clear at all times whenever our logo is used.