Stories By Rajarshi Mitra

DeFi September 20, 2021

Record-breaking turnout of UNFI governance token holders vote on 36% DeFi staking rewards

Unifi has reached out to the UNFI token holders for community governance, seeking guidance regarding the matter of incre...

Ethereum March 8, 2021

PhoenixDAO Introduces Multi-Chain Support and Adopts Layer 2 Scaling Solutions

As major proponents of Ethereum, PhoenixDAO is elated by the increasing adoption of Ethereum’s Layer 2. As part of its c...

Altcoins February 2, 2021

First Polkadot ETP To Launch On SIX Exchange

Having added Polkadot to its crypto index, 21Shares announced that they would be launching an exchange-traded product (E...

Bitcoin February 2, 2021

Ruffer Investment Pockets $750M In Bitcoin Profits

Ruffer, an investment management firm with over $27 billion AUM, confirmed that they had made more than $750 million in...

Altcoins February 1, 2021

Billion Dollar Fund Invests In Stratis Protocol

Alphabit, a billion-dollar fund, has invested in the Stratis Protocol, with a firm commitment of injecting millions of d...

Altcoins February 1, 2021

Zilliqa And Poly Network Partner Up To Build Interoperability Bridge

Zilliqa, one of the biggest crypto projects in the world, announced on Twitter that they would be partnering up with Pol...

Business January 31, 2021

Gemini Survey: 13% Of UK Has Invested In Crypto

Gemini, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world, recently conducted a survey wherein they found that over 13.5%...

Altcoins January 31, 2021

XRP Is A Disaster, Says Early Uber Investor

Jason Calacanis, the multi-millionaire early investor in Uber and Robinhood, recently criticized Ripple on Twitter, call...

Regulation January 30, 2021

Is India Going To Ban Bitcoin?

It looks like India is planning to introduce a law to ban cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and provide a framework for the...

Altcoins January 30, 2021

Justin Sun: Sun Network Will Scale Tron Capacity Significantly

Justin Sun, the Tron Network founder, took to Twitter this Saturday and hyped up the upcoming Sun Network.