BEAM Dimmed By Raboo's Outshining Performance, Cardano Holders Seize The Opportunity

BEAM Dimmed By Raboo's Outshining Performance, Cardano Holders Seize The Opportunity

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The crypto market has been quite the spectacle, as the bearish wave has forced action on several projects. For Cardano (ADA), the blockchain has gone into developer mode, as a new upgrade to the platform will boost Cardano's staking capabilities. Beam (BEAM) is a DeFi project ensuring secure, reliable transaction processes, even though the BEAM token is trading on losses in the crypto market.

Raboo (RABT) is a new meme coin offering huge ROIs, but the growing interest in AI crypto coins is attracting investors to the project. $RABT tokens are already 60% up, as the token intends to launch among the top altcoins.

Cardano's new upgrade is not helping ADA price

We have seen the Cardano blockchain roll out upgrade after upgrade this year, from the smart contracts to the recent staking update, but the ADA crypto price is still trading under.

Analysts hold different views on the ADA crypto price prediction, as some decide the token could rally up to $40. With the current ADA crypto price, that could be farfetched, and the more realistic predictions are the bearish ones. Analyst Swallow Premium noted that ADAcould lose its support at $0.40 and slip even further to $0.24.

In light of the current market conditions, Swallow Premium's forecast is taking hold. Cardanois already 1.5% down in the past 24 hours, and the token has not seen any upward movement in the aftermath of the blockchain upgrade.

Beam price could attract buyer interest

Beam is one of the rather unknown DeFi projects trading under the dollar, and considering we're in the bull run, a spike could see traders enter profit positions in no time.

Already, Beam's $0.015 price tag could be easily influenced by a shift in the market sentiments. The BEAM token has been falling on several metrics, as the price is 7.9% down on the weekly charts, while trading volume is 30% down in the past 24 hours.

Some reports state that a resurgence is underway, and investors are keeping an eye on the BEAM price for any changes. Its gaming use cases could also be a source for an uptrend, but a new meme coin on the crypto market is upsetting the dynamics.

With AI, Raboo's meme ambitions will soon eclipse the top meme coins.

Raboo to sweep the crypto market with AI-enhanced meme creation process

The memes we will be getting in the next few months will be a lot different from what we have been used to. Raboo is not comfortable with repeating memes and even less so with churning out low-quality ones.

Raboo developers brought in artificial intelligence to help make its memes. Humans will still be a big part of meme-making. Only this time, the Rabooscan Artificial Intelligence will keep tabs on the memes, combining them to reel out fresh, funny memes every day.

As for human involvement, that, too, is about to get an upgrade. Users drop memes as they wish on other meme platforms without monetization plans. On Raboo, you can post your memeable content through the Post-to-earn feature, which allows Rabooscan to access it and earn your $RABT token rewards when the AI uses your content for its memes.

The best part is that you can start earning your rewards even now. It's a call for meme enthusiasts, so what are you still waiting for?


Raboo is aiming for a spot among the top altcoins, although its vision starts from dominance in the meme sector. The $RABT tokens are your ticket to the meme paradise that will arise from Raboo's activities, and they are already 60% up.

The presale is in its fourth stage, selling each token at $0.0048. Get some $RABT at hand, and start contributing to memes for even better rewards.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:



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