Q3 Predictions: Cardano, Raboo and Notcoin

Q3 Predictions: Cardano, Raboo and Notcoin

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It's been a tumultuous second quarter in 2024, especially when we were coming off the back of altcoin rallies in Q1. Now, crypto folk have had to deal with an unwanted bearish slump interrupting the crypto bull run, and traders are anxious about how the rest of the year will play out.

Not to worry, though. Cardano (ADA) seems to be preparing a transition to bullish mode soon, while Notcoin (NOT) might be looking for a way back to its post-launch form. You might also want to consider the fast-breaking meme coin, Raboo ($RABT), and its amazing generative AI approach to meme-making.

Here's what the analysts think of the three tokens.

Cardano developer dominance could mean a lot for ADA price

The blockchain development on Cardano is second to none, as its developers are always keen on releasing upgrades to enhance the platform's operations. Blinken Labs has released a new program to improve the Cardano Stake Protocol, although there's only been a little effect on the ADA price.

Then again, Cardano has never been one for short-term gains. The token has always depended heavily on its development to drive traffic and profits to the Cardano blockchain. This time, however, we might be seeing more than just developments and upgrades.

Cardano whales will be settling in to drive the ADA price even higher. According to UToday analysts, Cardano has high whale affinity; it might be up to the whales to hype ADA up for the bull run.

Bull run: Expect changes from Notcoin!

The click-to-earn gaming protocol was a shock out of the ordinary in the crypto-verse, and many argue that Notcoin came at an opportune moment. Chance or not, what's more important is that Notcoin has left a lasting impression–now we have even more such games filling the crypto market.

But Notcoin will soon be scaling up to more 'sustainable’ game mechanics, according to founder Sasha. He intends for his gaming platform to survive, and he feels the click-to-earn model is not going to last very long. He hinted at plans for a Notcoin app, where there will be more Telegram games for users, with a sustainable system for burning NOT coins without printing new ones.

Notcoin was trading downwards after making its statement launch in the market. Now, the token has formed a double bottom pattern, which is characteristic of bullish price reversal, and some analysts believe the NOT price could get to 100% gains before the year ends.

About before we get too worked up, there's a new meme coin in town. Much like Notcoin, Raboo is pulling in meme enthusiasts and rewarding them for their contributions to its meme projects.

And the potential gains are, well, very meme-like.

Raboo: The profits start now!

Meme coins have always been the stars of the bull runs, from Shiba Inu to Pepe, even when they had almost nothing left to offer soon after. Raboo is rewriting the narrative; instead of simply disappearing after a bull run, how about staying to upgrade the meme sector?

So, while the presale and bull run profits are indeed attractive, Raboo's strongest feature is in its plans for longevity. The meme coin is planning to raise the standards for meme creation, and they are not just regular plans.

Raboo includes a generative AI interface in its protocol, this innovative approach not only increases engagement through its Post-to-Earn platform but can also revolutionise how social media content is created within the crypto community. By connecting meme enthusiasts, Raboo seeks to cultivate a community-driven ecosystem that combines elements of SocialFi and MemeFi, positioning itself as one of the best cryptos to buy in 2024.

The AI is there to ensure that we're not recycling memes. Since there will be a horde of memeable content, Rabooscan simply creates them into ideas. And for every meme-worthy post you make, Raboo rewards you with tokens from its 135 million token pool.

What's more, you can start earning those $RABT tokens now, before Raboo goes live.


Raboo is already in Stage 4 of its presale, so there really isn't much time to wait. Sure, you're a little late for the presale profits–you’d still get some of the 233% ROI–but the big returns come after the launch.

Raboo is tipped for 100x gains once the coin launches, So what are you waiting for? Get your $RABT tokens today at $0.0048 each and enter the Raboo reality!

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:



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