New 100X Altcoin Raboo Set To Dominate With Both Toncoin and Solana Bearish on 7 Day Chart

New 100X Altcoin Raboo Set To Dominate With Both Toncoin and Solana Bearish on 7 Day Chart

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Investors have started considering newer altcoins as a potential way to recover losses after tokens like  Toncoin and Solana both experienced  bearish moments over the past 7 days.  With Rabooalready dominating the memecoin ecosystem as one of the best cryptos to buy due to its innovative AI technology and potential for 100x returns.

Here is how Raboo ($RABT) wants to leverage its potential for 100x returns to dominate the crypto market and help investors recover their losses this week from  Toncoin and Solana.

Toncoin witness seven-day slump amidst market correction

Toncoin's recent bearish trend on the seven-day chart reflects a multifaceted decline. Despite a notable surge in market activity, highlighted by a substantial increase in trade volume to $229 million, there's a concern about market uncertainty as traders engage actively but refuse to commit to long term investing positions. 

Furthermore, Toncoin’s significant uptick in liquidations of long positions reveals the challenges faced by traders speculating on Toncoin's potential price appreciation. This challenge of price uncertainty amplifies selling pressure and increases the downward pressure on its price.

This imbalance between long and short liquidations underscores the prevailing pessimism surrounding Toncoin's short-term prospects. Despite its prominent position as the ninth-largest cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization of $17 billion, Toncoin finds itself grappling with market dynamics that favor bearish sentiments. 

The combination of increased trading activity, dwindling open interest, and heightened liquidations of long positions paints a bleak picture for Toncoin in the immediate term, casting doubt on the resilience of its $6 support level amidst the prevailing correction trend.

Solana experiences bearish trajectory in the last week

After an impressive surge in trading activity, Solana now faces a significant decline. SOL,experienced a 8.32% decline over the past seven days, signaling a pause of the Solana rally amid claims from backers of the project that Solana is the best crypto to buy in 2024. This decline increased after popular crypto analyst, Bluntz Capital, released a prediction of a substantial decline in the value of Solana-based memecoins, with potential losses of up to 70%.

Bluntz also released his outlook on Solana's prospects, indicating a bearish outlook for the fifth-largest crypto asset by market cap. According to Bluntz’s analysis, Solana might experience a brief bounce near $180 before plummeting below $140, highlighting the challenges facing Solana in maintaining its bullish momentum amidst current market conditions.

Raboo poised to dominate memecoin ecosystem after debut with 100X growth potential

Raboo ($RABT) is on track to dominate the memecoin ecosystem after its presale token, which is currently in Stage 4, exceeded the $1.7 million mark. With its unique fusion of social-fi and artificial intelligence elements, Raboo has been tipped as the best altcoin to invest in 2024 with its 100x growth potential that is set to disrupt the investing landscape in the crypto market.

Market analysts foresee an astounding growth trajectory for Raboo, based on the attention the  presale token gathered, projecting a remarkable 233% surge during the presale phase and an eye-popping 100x increase on launch day. 

Such ambitious forecasts underscore the immense potential Raboo holds, signaling an unprecedented opportunity for early adopters to partake in a community-driven cryptocurrency with unparalleled growth prospects. 

Raboo aims to grow rapidly, thereby securing a spot among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. For investors seeking to benefit from this exponential growth, Raboopresents a unique investment opportunity as the best crypto to buy in 2024.


While Toncoin and Solana have experienced streaks of declines over the past 7 days, investors have shifted their attention to newer altcoins as a way to potentially offset losses. With a potential for 100x growth, Raboo emerges as a compelling alternative  for investors looking to invest in the memecoin ecosystem.

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