Memeland Introduces International MemeDay

Memeland Introduces International MemeDay

Hong Kong, China, June 7th, 2024, Chainwire

Memeland sets sail for MemeDay, declaring a new tradition in Web3 

Memeland, one of the largest and fastest growing Web3-focused venture studios, announces the inaugural celebration of the first-ever MemeDay on 6.9 (June 9th), a day set to celebrate and remind Web3 of the power of community.

MemeDay is the vibrant fusion of meme and Web3 culture brought to you by the original Meme-sayers, 9GAG. Collectively, 9GAG and its Web3 project Memeland, have a combined audience of over 200 million people. As a community-focused brand, Memeland prioritizes its members while embracing the world of memes. Memes connect us, fostering humor and a sense of belonging, and on June 9th, MemeDay will serve as a Festival of Unity, honoring the power of laughter and shared values. 

Drawing inspiration from Web3’s annual Bitcoin Pizza Day, which marked a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency world, MemeDay has the same intentions—-to become an annual tradition for the Web3 community. This year's celebrations will take place simultaneously at 10 different McDonald's locations, creating a synchronized global event that celebrates all things memetic.

In a nod to Web3 culture, the choice of McDonald's as the venue for MemeDay symbolizes resilience and camaraderie. It humorously acknowledges market ups and downs while uniting our community. MemeDay is poised to become a landmark event, showcasing the harmonious blend of meme and Web3 culture, and celebrating laughter, creativity, and the spirit of the Memeland community.

Ray, the architect behind Memeland, has been instrumental in fostering a new culture within Web3. "MemeDay is more than just a celebration; it's a manifestation of our community's strength and unity," says Ray Chan, CEO of Memeland. "It’s about coming together, sharing a laugh, and reinforcing our connections, both online and offline."

This event not only celebrates the community’s strength but also pays homage to pop culture and playful engagement. Each regional event will unite community members, echoing the Memeland mantra: "I'm lovin' MEME!”, a clever twist on a familiar slogan capturing the spirit of Memeland—a combination of nostalgia, novelty, and nautical flair.

The impact of Memeland’s community goes beyond digital interactions. It’s about setting a new precedent in the Web3 world, where community-driven initiatives lead to meaningful, real-world interactions and traditions. As we approach MemeDay, Memeland is not just inviting participants; it’s calling on creators, thinkers, and dreamers to join in forging a new chapter in digital community culture.

Those interested can join Memeland on June 9th as history is made, one meme at a time. 

Event Details and Meetup Links:

  • Hong Kong Meetup: RSVP Here
  • Seoul Meetup: RSVP Here
  • Kuala Lumpur Meetup: RSVP Here
  • Singapore Meetup: RSVP Here
  • Taipei Meetup: RSVP Here
  • Bangkok Meetup: RSVP Here
  • Ho Chi Minh City Meetup: RSVP Here
  • London Meetup: RSVP Here
  • New York Meetup: RSVP Here
  • Passo Fundo Meetup: RSVP Here

About Memeland

Memeland, one of the largest and fastest growing Web3-focused venture studios, is on a mission to empower communities around the globe. Originating from the team that established 9GAG, Memeland is dedicated to building and investing in social products that foster community engagement. By bridging the gap between creators and communities through creativity, $MEME, and NFTs, they are setting a new standard in community ownership.

The story of Memeland is rooted in the humble beginnings of 9GAG, which was founded in 2008 and became the first Asian YC company. Over a decade later, 9GAG has emerged as a global platform with an audience of 200 million across various social media channels. Memeland stands as a beacon for community empowerment, where ownership is democratized and creators are connected.

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