LOTTODAY Gearing up for Expansion with a Trio of Industry-Favorite Games

LOTTODAY Gearing up for Expansion with a Trio of Industry-Favorite Games

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Digital entertainment has never been a bigger part of our everyday lives, and in an era where it intersects with the innovation of blockchain technology, on the brink of a significant expansion, the platform leading this evolution is Lottoday, the rising star of the Web3 Gaming industry, set to transform player expectations and redefine what is possible in decentralized gaming.

Exciting New Games on the Horizon

In Lottoday’s mission to bring the benefits of Web3 Gaming to gaming enthusiasts all around the world, according to the latest information, the platform is poised to launch at least three new games by the year’s end, each catering to a diverse community’s tastes, promising to be crowd-pullers, attracting new sets of players to the platform.


With the biggest growth in the iGaming industry, and an astonishing recent surge in popularity, Lottoday’s first new addition to the platform is set to come in the form of a crash game, called “TO THE MOON”. By capturing the spirit of risk and reward, these games are not just popular, but an industry-favorite in high demand.

In this multiplayer game, players will place their bets and watch a rocket soar with a multiplier that escalates while deciding on the perfect moment to cash out before it crashes, providing the ideal blend of simplicity and tension. And with new rounds happening as often as multiple times per minute, it’s a guaranteed hit.


Another classic expected to be introduced to the Lottoday platform is DICE. Played by hundreds of millions of players around the world, and catering to every type of player, dice games are a staple of the industry, offering a format that’s both thrilling and accessible.

The game is played by selecting a “winning” zone between 0 and 100 and rolling the dice. If the number rolled falls within your determined zone, it’s considered a win. By taking this age-old excitement and infusing it with new technology, Lottoday can  provide a modern twist, boosting engagement with the players.


Finally, the last of the trio of games is PLINKO, based on a beloved game-show classic “The Price is Right”, where players drop a ball down a triangle-shaped board, bouncing & hitting a multiplier at the bottom. Leveraging adjustable difficulty with the potential of significant wins, it caters to both regular players and high rollers.

Why These Games Matter?

With these new offerings, Lottoday’s goal is not just expanding their platform and game library—they’re building a bridge to bring in new players from different backgrounds, exposing them to all of the benefits Web3 gaming has to offer. And with each game presenting a unique twist, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re an enthusiast or casual player who values transparency as much as entertainment, the platform already offers a variety of fully decentralized games that you can explore on their official website, while providing regular updates on their Telegram channel.

It's an exciting time for anyone invested in the future of online gaming, and we expect that there will be even bigger things waiting in the future.

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