Ethereum Tokens Set For 100x Gains: These Altcoins Could Change Your Life This Bull Run

Ethereum Tokens Set For 100x Gains: These Altcoins Could Change Your Life This Bull Run

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The market has had a tough month, but it was merely a correction before the bulls got unleashed for the biggest bull run since Pamplona. The ETH price is just about set and ready to take off now that the Ethereum ETF has been approved, and ERC-20 tokens built on the Ethereum network are all worth a look. The tokens discussed here are all set for a massive uptick in this bull run, but it’s the ongoing Rollblock presale where investors are banking on a 100x increase.

Theta Network (THETA): The Undersold Streaming Service Ready ToExplode

Streaming video was supposed to be the way that content was democratized, but it has turned out to be a damp squib with big networks all vying for streaming space. YouTube was an alternative, but with content moderation putting a dampener on production and monetization a massive issue, the market is ripe for a streaming platform that actually delivers.

Theta Network could be that service. Built on Ethereum, Theta Network is a true decentralized blockchain-driven 8k video service and could be the streaming solution the world is begging for. Theta Token has seen a significant dip as the resurgent ETH price drives investment elsewhere, but this is where the smart investor sees opportunity – buy low, they say. Considering the market is primed for a bull run, the Theta network price is an absolute steal right now.

Polygon (MATIC): OG Scaling Network Ready for Resurgence

One cannot cite the bullish ETH price without looking at Polygon, one of the original scaling networks. Polygon is Ethereum’s Six Million Dollar Man, making it better, faster, stronger! While Polygon has had a rough ride of late, it only stands to reason that as the ETH price goes up, it will take the Polygon price with it. Ethereum is just too slow on its own, and Polygon is making Ethereum usable for dApp developers.

Polygon is currently trading at 80% below its ATH, allowing the investor market to get in on Polygon before the bull run sends this coin skywards!

Rollblock (RBLK): Ethereum-Chain Based Gambling Giant Is Here

Gambling is a massive business worth about $100 billion annually, and it is growing at close to 10% per year. It’s a crowded market plagued by transparency issues, and one could be forgiven for not considering gambling platforms a viable investment.  

This comes to an end with Rollblock, a blockchain-based gambling dApp built on Ethereum for maximum scalability and security. Rollblock’s auditable blockchain-based betting is a breath of fresh air for punters who can now bet with confidence, but it’s good news for investors, too. Just as gamblers are suspicious of the gaming providers, so can the gambling houses be defrauded by clever tricks to change bets after they are placed. Rollblock solves both of these problems!

RBLK token holders can be assured that their share of the profits is safe as houses, as the ERC-20-based bets cannot be changed. This is the nature of smart contracts: they are immutable and non-redactable. The industry has been clamoring for this level of security since the dawn of the internet.

Furthermore, Rollblock enhances privacy by doing away with Know Your Customer (KYC) verifications, promoting anonymity for users who value their privacy. It has already launched its licensed crypto casino, which accepts over 20 top cryptocurrencies and boasts over 150+ games from players to choose from.

The good news is that Rollblock is now in presale, and everyone is invited to share in the new gambling revolution. Rollblock offers an unprecedented opportunity for anyone to own a share of the massive 100 billion-dollar market. Getting in on the action is easy: just head on over to the Rollblock website and register for their presale. RBLK tokens are available at only $0.0145, and as the ETH price rises with the crypto bull run, so will Rollblock rise with it.

Another feature that sets Rollblock apart from other platforms is its extraordinary revenue-sharing model. Up to 30% of weekly profits are used to buy back RBLK tokens from the open market. 50% of these tokens are then burned and the remaining half is utilized for staking rewards. This mechanism will add strong buying pressure to the chart, will make the token highly deflationary and will provide some of the best passive income opportunities in the space for RBLK holders. Rollblock stands a very good chance to give a 100x return once it trades on the open markets.


The crypto bull run is ready to take off, and the ERC20 altcoins will run in pace with the renewed interest in Ethereum. The ETH price will chase its ATH, taking interest in Ethereum-based altcoins with it. Participating in the Rollblock presale is a must to make the most of the market, and at only $0.0145 per token, can you afford not to invest? The next phase of presale will start soon, so don’t waste time, get hold of Rollblock’s RBLK token today before the price increases.

Discover the Exciting Opportunities of the Rollblock (RBLK) Presale Today!

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