Democratizing Crypto Insights with AI-Driven Research: Interview with Jiva Kwan, Co-founder of SoSoValue

Democratizing Crypto Insights with AI-Driven Research: Interview with Jiva Kwan, Co-founder of SoSoValue

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The cryptocurrency investment landscape is experiencing unparalleled growth, with the recent launch of Bitcoin Spot ETFs and the imminent approval of Spot Ether ETFs driving institutional and retail investor interest. However, the abundance of blockchain transactions has created a noisy environment, making it challenging for investors to make informed decisions. This information overload has led to difficulties in monitoring portfolio performance, assessing profitability, and rebalancing investments efficiently. 

SoSoValue has rapidly emerged as a game-changer in the crypto investment research space, reaching 1.2 million registered users within just four months of its launch. The platform's success is built on its advanced AI capabilities, which organize and present vast amounts of data from various sources, making it easily accessible to investors. With a recent $4.15 million seed funding round led by HongShan, GSR Markets, Alumni Ventures, CoinSummer Labs, and OnePiece Labs and Gitcoin Co-founder, Ethereum early investor, other founders of top Web3 and AI tech firms, SoSoValue is poised further to enhance its data services and AI-empowered news feeds and expand its research community. We discussed the platform's transformative potential, unique features, and vision for democratizing access to high-quality crypto investment insights with Jiva Kwan, Co-founder of SoSoValue.

1. As co-founder, what do you see as the biggest challenge in democratizing access to high-quality crypto investment insights, and how is SoSoValue addressing this?

The biggest challenge in democratizing access to high-quality crypto investment insights is overcoming the technical complexity and information overload that often characterize the crypto market. Retail investors need more tools and expertise to sift through vast data and derive meaningful insights. SoSoValue addresses this by leveraging advanced AI algorithms to process and analyze data from multiple sources, presenting it intuitively and easily understandable. Our platform transforms complex crypto-native information into actionable insights, ensuring every investor, regardless of background, has access to the same high-quality information.

As an early investor in the crypto sector,  I witnessed the beginning of crypto breaking through into traditional finance investment, highlighted by events such as DeFi Summer and the NFT boom in 2021. During this transformative period, I met our co-founder, May, a veteran investor with a long successful record in traditional finance. Our discussions clarified a significant disparity in information accessibility between the crypto-native and traditional finance communities. Crypto investors often need more access to traditional financial insights, while those from traditional finance find the fragmented and unstructured crypto data overwhelming, requiring multiple tools for informed decision-making.

Therefore, the key to information equality is to bridge the huge gap between crypto and traditional finance. With the advent of AI, we now have the means to address this challenge effectively. We then brought on board two additional co-founders, Xue and Jess, who specialize in AI tech and bringing that to the mass market. Together, we founded SoSoValue, leveraging advanced AI modeling to consolidate and filter information from diverse data sources, including financial data, on-chain and off-chain feeds, and expert analyses. We also curate insights from crypto-native perspectives and solid financial frameworks. We aim to provide investors with a comprehensive, one-stop overview of the market’s critical and actionable trends.

2. Your team mentioned a focus on globalization. How do you plan to make SoSoValue accessible across different languages and cultures?

Globalization today faces two primary challenges: the linguistic and cultural gap and the disparity in development levels across regions. The first challenge can be effectively addressed with AI. SoSoValue utilizes AI-powered large language models to perform comprehensive site-wide translations, making our platform adaptable to various languages and cultures. This enables investors from different regions to access global data and information in their native languages. Additionally, our soon-to-be-launched AI-based recommendation system will make personalized vertical AI agents available, ensuring that users receive the most relevant and tailored information, irrespective of their language or region.

The more significant challenge of globalization is the uneven development across regions. Data from on-chain wallet addresses reveal that most wallets hold less than $100 in assets. The historically high costs of traditional finance and crypto services have excluded many investors from economically disadvantaged areas. At SoSoValue, we aim to bridge this gap by providing permanently free access to high-quality investment research information. This empowers investors from diverse economic backgrounds to access the same valuable insights as those in more developed regions.

3. With the imminent approval of the Spot Ether ETF, how is SoSoValue preparing to support investors in this new phase of the crypto market?

Before the Bitcoin spot ETF launch, we observed a significant gap in understanding between crypto-native and finance-native investors. Crypto investors needed more insights into traditional finance mechanics, while finance professionals needed to be more knowledgeable about the impact of a cryptocurrency ETF on the stock and crypto markets. We merged insights from both sectors when the Bitcoin ETF was approved to address this. We were the first to introduce the concept of daily net inflows and outflows for spot ETFs, and we developed the SoSoValue Bitcoin Spot ETF Dashboard ( Our goal was to help investors from both realms quickly understand the impact of the Bitcoin ETF and monitor key indicator changes. The market responded enthusiastically, with media outlets like BSCN and ForesightNews citing our data. The significant exposure of our Bitcoin ETF dashboard led to a large influx of high-retention, quality users.

For the upcoming Ethereum spot ETF, SoSoValue will build on the core concepts of the Bitcoin Spot ETF Dashboard while incorporating Ethereum's unique features, such as staking. We will provide a professional yet user-friendly dashboard for crypto and traditional finance investors, including real-time tracking of critical information like total net inflow and daily net inflow for the Ethereum Spot ETF, among other key metrics.

4. Can you share more about SoSoValue's AI-powered news automation APIs and how they contribute to a more informed investment landscape?

SoSoValue utilizes large language models (LLMs) to filter, classify, tag, translate, integrate, and summarize vast information gathered from thousands of web crawlers. We eliminate irrelevant data and categorize the rest into various sectors or subcategories, tagging them precisely to specific cryptocurrencies. We ensure investors can quickly find the information they need within their chosen cryptocurrency category. This meticulously classified information is also accessible to investors and partners through APIs.

Our in-house AI models detect anomalies and key changes in on-chain and off-chain data. We promptly push these updates to users, ensuring they are immediately informed of market movements.

The SoSoValue News Bot, powered by our AI-driven news automation APIs, has also been launched. You can subscribe and experience it on Telegram:

5. With features like the Crypto Sector Index, how does SoSoValue help investors navigate the diverse and complex world of cryptocurrency investments?

 The Crypto Sector Index is designed to simplify cryptocurrency investments' diverse and complex world by categorizing assets into specific sectors. This feature allows investors to compare performance, assess sector-specific risks, and identify opportunities within different segments of the crypto market. The Crypto Sector Index helps investors make more strategic decisions and diversify their portfolios effectively by providing a clear overview and comparative analysis. It demystifies the complexities of the market, enabling users to understand the broader trends and dynamics at play.

With the rising popularity of ETFs and the SoSoValue Bitcoin Spot ETF Dashboard in the cryptocurrency market, we've attracted many economically strong and rational investors. These investors are focused on long-term tracking and research of the crypto market, aiming to gain a deep understanding of market dynamics and trends. Given the challenge of researching and following the vast number of cryptocurrencies individually, we've received numerous suggestions and requests for a tool that provides an intuitive way to track the entire market and its various sectors.

To address this need, we systematically categorized and tracked market sectors that have become conventions over the past 3 to 5 years and developed the Crypto Sector Index ( This tool allows investors to quickly and easily analyze and track the market structure, compare the strengths and weaknesses of different sectors, and observe sector rotations. This enables investors to make informed decisions in the complex and ever-changing cryptocurrency market.

6. SoSoValue's classification system automates data categorization from various sources. How does this feature benefit investors in their decision-making process?

SoSoValue's automated classification system simplifies data categorization by organizing information from multiple sources into coherent and relevant categories. During this process, our AI-enhanced Spider can simultaneously crawl tens of thousands of data sources with a delay of less than 10 seconds, covering 99% of domain data and information sources. This data is then processed in near real-time and integrated into our business system for recommendations or distribution to clients within 60 seconds.

By fine-tuning pre-trained large language models with specialized data in finance and cryptocurrency, we have developed a proprietary model specifically for SoSoValue's cryptocurrency verticals. We employ techniques such as Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), Prompt Engineering, and Chain of Thought (CoT) to recognize patterns and accurately classify and recommend data, ensuring investors receive consistent and highly effective information.

Thanks to our AI-driven information processing flow, investors receive the data that best meets their needs in the shortest possible time. This significantly reduces the effort required to filter and screen information, providing a solid foundation for informed investment decisions.

7. You've mentioned plans to support independent researchers. How will this initiative contribute to SoSoValue's mission of information equality in the crypto space?

We have observed that skilled researchers can earn substantial income in traditional finance through sell-side or buy-side research platforms. However, the cryptocurrency field needs such platforms and pathways. Therefore, we aim to establish a platform where every insightful researcher can be heard, and excellent researchers can gain the rewards and recognition their analysis deserves. 

This supports the growth and development of researchers and provides our users with deeper market understanding and investment insights, thereby promoting information equity in the cryptocurrency investment space. We will offer researchers various data tech, charting tools, abundant resources, and structured incentives. A key initiative is to host bi-annual crypto research competitions to foster an ecosystem where high-quality, unbiased research in the cryptocurrency industry can thrive. Our Season 2 research competition is coming up in July. We welcome researchers worldwide to submit their thesis and join us in the search for deep insight and true value.  Play, stay tuned! 

8. SoSoValue offers 24/7 monitoring for continuous market surveillance. How does this feature provide early warnings to investors, and what types of events does it track?

Regarding our AI-powered news automation APIs, the 24/7 market monitoring leverages data and AI analysis to track anomalies. We provide services for price alerts, on-chain activity alerts, and significant indicator anomaly alerts. You can experience these features by installing our mobile app at or via the Telegram Bot at Additionally, we are developing email and SMS alert systems, which will be available soon.

Moreover, we are working on an AI recommendation system that will offer personalized alerts and monitoring based on the tokens added to each user's Watchlist. This customization will help us serve each investor more effectively.

9. Looking ahead, what are SoSoValue's long-term goals, and how do you envision the platform evolving to meet the future needs of crypto investors?

SoSoValue will remain investor-centric, striving to make the cryptocurrency investment environment more transparent and equitable. In the current crypto market, where information is overwhelmingly complex and lacks transparency, the "right to be seen" has emerged as a new need for equality. Every excellent researcher, cryptocurrency, and project should have the opportunity to be fairly showcased and recognized. 

We will leverage AI technology for personalized information curation, automatically adjusting to evolving user needs and providing tailored information services based on transparency and equality.

Our Dex Tool, offering real-time on-chain transaction information, will be continuously improved to refine our data dashboards. These dashboards will support customizable collaboration, enabling intuitive and effective data access and analysis.

In summary, SoSoValue aims to drive the cryptocurrency market toward greater transparency and equality, ensuring great insights and entrepreneurial endeavors have equal opportunities to be heard and seen on our platform, thus positively impacting the entire crypto ecosystem.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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