Cryptopia Announces Increased Airdrop Allocation and Beta Tester Rewards

Cryptopia Announces Increased Airdrop Allocation and Beta Tester Rewards

Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, June 25th, 2024, Chainwire

Cryptopia has plenty to celebrate this month thanks to the crypto community’s phenomenal response to its Airdrop. Not only did the campaign surpass the team's expectations with over 50,000 participants completing an impressive 137,000 missions, but it also helped Cryptopia secure exchanges and Tier 1 Launchpads. 

Cryptopia understands that more people means a diluted prize pool. To show Cryptopia gratitude for its growing community’s overwhelming support, Cryptopia is thrilled to announce a doubling of the Airdrop allocation, pumping it up from a cool 25 million $TOS to a whopping 50 million $TOS. This translates to a prize pool value jump from $87,500 to $175,000 USD. Even with new recruits joining in on the fun, this ensures every Airdrop participant gets their fair share of the bounty.

Enhanced Referral Rewards

Cryptopia continues to emphasize community growth. Currently, members earn Power Points through direct and indirect referrals. To further incentivize participation, Cryptopia will introduce new milestones to enhance referral rewards. Detailed information on these updates will be shared on Cryptopia’s social media platforms in the coming weeks.

Recognition for Beta Testers

Acknowledging the efforts of its beta testers, Cryptopia has allocated 4% of the Airdrop pool, approximately $7,000, exclusively for these contributors.

Summary of Airdrop Enhancements

  • Increased Rewards: The prize pool now stands at 50 million $TOS, equating to $175,000 USD.
  • New Referral Milestones: Additional opportunities to earn enhanced referral rewards.
  • Beta Tester Appreciation: A dedicated 4% of the Airdrop pool reserved for beta testers.

Cryptopia invites participation in its Airdrop welcoming new members to its expanding community. For updates on the game and airdrop details, users follow Cryptopia on X, Facebook, Telegram, and the announcements Telegram channel.

About Cryptopia

Free to earn: Accessible to all players without the need for prior NFT purchases.

100% decentralized: Operates on the blockchain with a node network.

Engaging gameplay: Offers flexible play options.

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