Angry Pepe Fork Outshines Book Of Meme and PepeCoin With 35x ROI

Angry Pepe Fork Outshines Book Of Meme and PepeCoin With 35x ROI

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A new memecoin project called Angry Pepe Fork has released an outstanding roadmap that has captured the attention of market experts. Looking at the roadmap and the potential for 35x ROI, they believe the Angry Pepe Fork project can surpass the progress of Book of Meme and PepeCoin in the coming weeks.

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) Attracts Investors With 35x Price Surge

As a Solana-based project, Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) is among the best memecoins in the market now. Its conquer-to-earn strategy is already attracting a large number of users to the platform and will continue to do so in the next months. This strategy aims at making users remove the dead meme coins in a bid to get some tokens, badges, and more incentives.

Members of the community can partner together to do this to make things easier. The more zombie coins they destroy, the higher their APY and their rewards. So, members of the community aim to remove more zombie projects to get more rewards. Another way members can get more out of the Angry Pepe Fork project is the staking feature. 

Angry Pepe Fork's staking feature lets users earn during the presale. Token holders can stake their tokens for three lock-in periods. A 30-day trial is available. The 60-day option is for experienced campaigners looking for value. Finally, a 90-day option is available for generals and veterans ready to lead and make more money. APORK is already getting big-money investors during the early stage of the presale.

As for token distribution, the project has a rather unusual model: there are only 1.9 billion APORK tokens available, which makes tokens rather rare and thus more valuable. In addition to this, Angry Pepe Fork promises to seal more partnerships that would increase the utility of the APORK token and make it the best meme coin to buy. APORK is available for sale at $0.014. Analysts expect the token's value to soar 100% next week. 

Book of Meme (BOME) Loses Gains, But Analysts Predicts Upsurge

Book of Meme (BOME) is currently one of the most bearish memecoins in the market now. Its value has dropped on the weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly timeframes. However, analysts and traders like RoccobullboTTom believe this is the buying time for the meme coin.

VegetaCrypto1 says the value of Book Of Meme could soar to $0.0294 in the short term. If the bullish momentum remains, they predict the memecoin could jump to $0.0708 in the long term.

PepeCoin (PEPECOIN) YTD Gain Still Bullish 

With a massive gain of over 7,000%, PepeCoin (PEPECOIN) has one of the highest YTD gains in the crypto market now. It is among the most bullish Ethereum-based memecoin that is putting the Ethereum memecoins at the top of the market.

Unfortunately, its monthly and weekly price charts are bearish. The meme coin has suffered losses on both timelines due to bearish pressure and the negative sentiment in the general market. While PepeCoin’s  technical indicators are showing red signals now, analysts forecast a price surge to $5 from its current value of $2.66.


Angry Pepe Fork is the best meme coin to buy now and has a good edge over PepeCoin and Book of Meme. Its Conquer to Earn feature and partnership roadmap make it a good cryptocurrency for investors who want to get a 35x return on their investment. 

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