Revolutionizing DeFi Access and Memecoin Adoption: Interview with CEO of Degen Express, Riff Goatski

Revolutionizing DeFi Access and Memecoin Adoption: Interview with CEO of Degen Express, Riff Goatski

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The decentralized finance (DeFi) industry has seen exponential growth, with the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi protocols soaring to $100 billion in Q1 2024. However, the current DeFi landscape is often fragmented and difficult to navigate, presenting significant challenges for both degens seeking early exposure to new protocols and for protocol creators looking to gain traction and visibility. This disconnect has hindered the growth and adoption of many promising DeFi initiatives — including the most underrated of them, the meme tokens.

To address these industry-wide pain points, Degen Express has emerged as a pioneering platform that leverages the power of SocialFi and GameFi to revolutionize the way crypto enthusiasts access and engage with the DeFi ecosystem. By providing a permissionless decentralised fair launch platform for memecoins on Fantom Chain ($FTM) and Base Network ($BASE), Degen Express aims to bridge the gap between crypto enthusiasts and innovative protocol teams, driving the continued development and adoption of the DeFi industry.

To learn more about the project’s potential and its industry-wide impact, I invited the CEO of Degen Express, Riff Goatski, for an interview.

1. What is the transformative kick that Degen Express is bringing to the DeFi space?

Degen Express is revolutionising the DeFi space by providing a safe platform dedicated to memecoins, that protects the community from scams, snipers and offers to creators a vivid community, free DEX listing after reaching a certain market cap and exclusive prizes for milestones reached.

By focusing on memecoins, Degen Express is tapping into the immense popularity and potential of these tokens, offering users unique opportunities for trading, staking, and community engagement within a secure and user-friendly environment. All coins are fair-launched. Forever.

2. How does the Degen Express platform change the status quo for memecoins

Traditionally, memecoins have lacked dedicated platforms and are prone to cyber attacks, smart contract flaws, snipers and scams. Degen Express changes this by providing a decentralised hub where the community can discover, trade, and interact with their favourite tokens in a safe, standardised environment.  

Through advanced features such as automated market making, dedicated trading bot and community-driven governance, Degen Express empowers memecoins to thrive and gain widespread adoption in the DeFi space.

3. How did you assemble the Degen Express team? Who are the key members?

The Degen Express team is composed of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds in blockchain technology, finance, and product development. We carefully selected team members who share a common vision for the future of decentralised finance and possess the skills and expertise needed to bring that vision to life. Key members include experienced developers, market analysts, and community managers who work tirelessly to drive innovation and success within the Degen Express ecosystem.

4. How does the token launch mechanism work?

The token launch mechanism employed by Degen Express is designed to ensure fairness, transparency, and widespread distribution. It's so easy to launch a new token, that it can be done in literally minutes, so creators can now focus more on marketing, new adoption strategies than smart contracts, audits and liquidity. It’s pretty self explanatory and we actually launched a token live, together with the guys from Fantom Talk. They managed to deploy a new token in minutes and have fun while doing it. It’s the go-to place for degens, DeFi people and creators alike.

5. What are advanced features and security measures that Degen Express puts in place?

Additionally, we employ robust risk management protocols and real-time monitoring tools to detect and mitigate potential threats proactively. Degen Express has a custom vAMM allowing for post launch pool fees to be routed to creators and minimise the risk of snipers. Another measure is that for a 30 minute pool, only 100 user whitelisted wallets can participate. Those users are chosen proportionally with their involvement in daily activities of the platform, transparency presented in the leaderboard.

Creators can add a maximum of 10% vested token for the team, the smart contract is fully renounced.

Every incubated token has its mint “in-house”.

6. What does a typical user interaction with the Degen Express platform look like?

A typical user interaction with the Degen Express platform begins with onboarding, where users can create an account and securely access their digital assets. From there, users can explore the platform's various features, including trading, staking, and community forums. Whether buying and selling memecoins, participating in liquidity pools, or voting on governance proposals, users can seamlessly navigate the platform and engage with their favorite tokens in a frictionless manner.

7. What is the current stage of Degen Express's development and implementation?

Degen Express is already live with more than 300 coins launched and the development team is constantly improving the platform by adding new features, each week. Also, our focus is to become multichain. Therefore, we are available on Fantom, Base and BSC with plans to open Arbitrum, AVAX and more.

8. What are your plans with Degen Expess for 2024?

In 2024, we have ambitious plans to scale and expand the Degen Express platform, further solidifying our position as a leader in the memecoin and DeFi space. This includes launching new features and products, forging strategic partnerships with leading projects and organisations, and expanding our user base to new markets and demographics. Additionally, we will continue to prioritise community engagement and feedback, ensuring that our platform evolves in response to the needs and preferences of our users. With innovation, dedication, and a relentless focus on our mission, we are excited to see what the future holds for Degen Express and the broader DeFi ecosystem.

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