PlayDoge Token ICO Goes Live - Top Meme Crypto To Buy Early?

PlayDoge Token ICO Goes Live - Top Meme Crypto To Buy Early?

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A new play-to-earn meme coin - PlayDoge ($PLAY) - is off to a strong start in its initial coin offering, having already raised close to $300k in just 24 hours. 

The demand for new meme coins continues to skyrocket, especially with new rags-to-riches stories popping up every day. 

For instance, Lookonchain reported today that one trader turned $861 into $657k in just 5 hours, simply by investing early in the $MOTHER token. 

Some smart-money traders are now backing $PLAY to be the next big meme crypto that could deliver an impressive 10x ROI after its launch. 

Why PlayDoge Could Be A Top Meme Crypto?

All successful meme coin projects have a key shared feature - they are based on popular characters or trendy appealing narratives that can attract and maintain a dedicated and supportive community. This is precisely where PlayDoge shines the brightest.

Doge is the most iconic character in the meme crypto space, beloved by everyone from the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, to small-scale retail investors. The PlayDoge play-to-earn game has devised a home-run idea to capitalize on this universal popularity. 

Players can now have Doge as their own Tamagotchi-style virtual pet, operated via a blockchain-powered mobile phone app. They will need to ensure that their Doge is well-fed, trained and entertained - just like any other canine companion - or watch the pet die or run off to a new home. 

In addition to being a fun, innovative concept, PlayDoge offers an extra benefit to players. They can complete a series of entertaining and nostalgic mini-games - similar to the traditional 8-bit 2D side scrollers - and earn free crypto in the form of $PLAY tokens. 

Token holders who complete these 2D adventures will also earn XP points, which will be reflected on the PlayDoge leaderboard. Those with the highest XP will also earn bonus $PLAY tokens and other special rewards. 

Experts Bullish on $PLAY ICO

Smart money traders know better than to dismiss the popularity of Doge and the nostalgia of Tamagotchi. 

Popular crypto YouTube channel 99Bitcoins - with over 700k subscribers - recently highlighted the upside potential of PlayDoge. The channel - known for its early calls on new crypto gems - called PlayDoge “the next big meme coin” that could potentially deliver up to 10x returns.

The new meme coin is also already being featured in popular news publications, including the Economic Times, TradingView and Binance Square. 

PlayDoge’s quick rise to fame isn’t entirely a surprise. Experts are in consensus that meme cryptos and GameFi tokens will lead the ongoing crypto bull market. Considering that $PLAY could be a major leader in both sectors, investors have been quick to buy the token early during its ICO.

PlayDoge Token Audit

For instance, the $PLAY smart contract has been audited by and the audit report has been published on the meme coin’s website. The audit did not reveal any vulnerabilities or security risks that could put investors’ funds at peril. 

Additionally, the developer team has published the project’s tokenomics. According to the PlayDoge website, 50% of the tokens will be available during the ICO while an additional 7.5% will be distributed as community rewards. 

PlayDoge also has its own staking protocol, to which 6% of the token supply has been allocated. Investors can stake their $PLAY holdings during the ICO itself and earn attractive passive income, currently at an APY in the four figures. 

The remaining token supply will be split and allocated to the token liquidity, marketing strategy and project funds. 

How To Buy PlayDoge

$PLAY is currently available at a discounted price of just $0.005. However, this price is set to increase after the completion of each ICO stage. The current stage will end on Saturday, allowing a short window for interested buyers who do not wish to purchase the token at a higher price. 

Investors can head to the website and use the over-the-counter widget to buy the token. They can either use BNB, ETH or an acceptable bank card. However, only BNB buyers will be able to take advantage of the staking rewards during the ICO. 

Owing to the integration of the BNB token, rumours are rife that PlayDoge could be aiming to score a listing on the Binance exchange. If true, the ongoing ICO could be the perfect opportunity for buyers to finally get into a meme coin early and not after it has already exploded. 

Investors are also advised to follow the PlayDoge X or Telegram accounts to keep up with the latest updates. 

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