Bitsgap Adds ByBit Futures to Its Trading Terminal

Bitsgap Adds ByBit Futures to Its Trading Terminal

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Tallinn, Estonia — Bitsgap, a leading cryptocurrency trading platform, announces the addition of Bybit Futures to its robust trading terminal. Traders can now connect their ByBit Futures account to trade perpetual contracts alongside Binance Futures, OKX Futures, and KuCoin Futures.

"We are thrilled to welcome Bybit Futures to the Bitsgap trading terminal. This integration marks a significant milestone for us, as it expands our users' trading opportunities and enhances their ability to navigate the futures markets with greater flexibility and precision,"  says Max Kalmykov, CEO of Bitsgap. 

With Bybit Futures now available on Bitsgap, users can trade perpetual Bybit Futures in various modes — in demo or live. Moreover, they can trade manually or leverage Bitsgap's advanced automation tools, including the COMBO and DCA Futures bots, to optimize their trading strategies and maximize potential returns.

Kalmykov further adds:

"Our goal at Bitsgap is to provide our users with the most comprehensive and user-friendly trading experience. By integrating Bybit Futures, we are not only broadening our platform's capabilities but also empowering our users with more choices and sophisticated tools to enhance their trading performance. Besides, ByBit offers a versatile futures trading experience with excellent liquidity. Seamlessly accessing these markets from our unified terminal unlocks tremendous potential for savvy traders."

This integration underscores Bitsgap's commitment to aggregating the world's best crypto trading platforms into one seamless interface. Kalmykov explains,

"We enable traders to capitalize on volatility across exchanges without juggling accounts and tools. Adding ByBit furthers that mission of maximizing opportunities while minimizing complexity."

Bitsgap’s addition of Bybit Futures provides traders, both existing users and newcomers alike, an opportunity to link Bybit accounts and leverage Bitsgap’s robust toolset on that exchange. Traders can deploy optimized futures trading strategies, analyze performance with insightful metrics, backtest for fine-tuning, and receive dedicated support around-the-clock through community channels and customer service.

“As crypto markets build momentum yet again, Bitsgap keeps traders equipped to capitalize on the uptrend. We remain dedicated to providing the most versatile tools for success amid volatility,” Kalmykov concluded.

In addition to desktop access, Bitsgap’s recently released mobile app empowers traders to manage futures positions from anywhere, anytime. This provides an extra layer of flexibility to capitalize on newly integrated exchanges like Bybit no matter where you are.

About Bitsgap

Founded in 2016 in Estonia with the noble goal of making cryptocurrency trading across multiple exchanges more accessible and efficient, Bitsgap has grown into one of the largest crypto aggregators with more than 15 connected exchanges, over 100 team members, and a large community of 600k+ traders. Bitsgap’s flagship product is a cloud-based, automated crypto trading platform that provides users with a complete suite of manual and automated trading tools like smart orders, trading bots, risk and portfolio management. Bitsgap especially takes pride in its trading bots — DCA and GRID — which have shown fantastic returns in the crypto market and attracted a large following with more than 4M bots started and overall trading volumes exceeding $300B in 2022.

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