Raffle Coin Lures Hedera & Shiba Inu Investors as a Safe Investment Haven Amidst Ethereum's Plunge

Raffle Coin Lures Hedera & Shiba Inu Investors as a Safe Investment Haven Amidst Ethereum's Plunge

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Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and the majority of traders run to Ethereum when they want to keep their investments safe. Similarly, Hedera and Shiba Inu have been two of the favorite projects for traders to invest in but with the overall market declining, investors are in need of new projects with huge growth potential.

That’s where Raffle Coin jumps onto the scene with its unique approach and aim to revolutionize the raffle and lottery industry with lucrative benefits. The coin is currently in the presale stage and available at a very low price.

Hedera To Upgrade Mainnet on April 18th

Hedera is a decentralized network that allows developers and businesses to create decentralized applications. The project has been declining for a while, so its team has decided to upgrade the mainnet to create new hype. According to their tweet, this is scheduled to happen on April 18th at 17:00 UTC.

Apart from that, Hedera is also collaborating with Dexcheck, a platform that provides AI services with powerful analytics. This aims to provide powerful AI insights for crypto trading. However, the upgrade and collaboration might not be enough to power HBAR’s value. Due to this, their investors are jumping into Raffle Coin’s presale as it is still available at a very attractive price and has loads of incentives for the holders.

Shiba Inu Collaborating with CDSA

Shiba Inu is a community token looking to make the most out of its reputation. It has announced a collaboration with CDSA, aka Content Delivery and Security Association. This partnership aims to develop blockchain technology for media while keeping security and content distribution as their foremost priority. 

It’s good news for investors as it might help SHIB increase its value. On the other hand, Shibarium, a blockchain platform launched by Shiba Inu, saw a dramatic drop in activity. Transaction volume fell a whopping 97.7% within 24 hours. According to Shibariumscan data, there were 242,300 transactions on April 9th, but that number plunged to just 5,630 on April 10th. This could be a sign that traders are losing interest in the token and are moving towards more profitable projects. Raffle Coin is one such project which has the potential to offer significant gains in the long-run and even during the presale if investors are quick to grab a bag for themselves at the lowest price.

Raffle Coin Drawing Investors by Offering Unprecedented Growth Opportunities

Raffle Coin brings lottery, raffles and giveaways under one roof which hasn’t been done before. This has also attracted the investors at Hedera and Shiba Inu to find a safe haven amidst ethereum downfall. With over 38 million RAFF tokens already sold in the stage 1 of presale, Raffle Coin is more than ready to provide early investors with unprecedented growth in their investment value.

Participating in the project is fairly simple. Users just need to sign up, top up with any crypto tokens of their liking, and participate in any lottery, raffle, or giveaway they like. The prize draws include cryptocurrencies, cars, holidays, luxury items, clothing, and much more. Another feature that has been attracting investors is the instant payout. Users can take out their money anytime they want without any hassle.

Finally, to make the presale a success, Raffle Coin has taken steps by permanently locking platform liquidity, implementing a two-year lock on team tokens, and undergoing a comprehensive audit. Currently priced at $0.02, RAFF offers potential investors an opportunity for significant returns. This presale could potentially lead to substantial gains.

For more information on Raffle Coin’s presale and to be part of the early investors, Click here.

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