Disruptive Potential in E-Commerce Draws Stellar & Cardano to Pushd Stage 6

Disruptive Potential in E-Commerce Draws Stellar & Cardano to Pushd Stage 6

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With stronger bullish momentum already expected this year, smart investors should find crypto investments offering explosive returns. Stellar and Cardano are options with massive upside potential. Unfortunately, their investors have been gravitating towards fresh tokens that promise life changing profits.

Pushd is one of them. Stellar and Cardano investors are among the top adopters of the Pushd presale. The highly anticipated decentralized marketplace has been making rounds in the crypto community. Thanks to its combination of attractive offerings, Pushd now ranks as one of the topperforming presale projects on the market.

Stellar Investors Seeking Promising Opportunities

With Stellar trading at around $0.13, Stellar has lost more than 10% in under a week. Stellar is still down 7.9% from last month. The Stellar community is still solidly backing the token with bullish momentum. While some Stellar investors hold strong, others have jumped ship. Stellar investors have been looking towards Pushd to recover lost gains.

Cardano Recovers Slightly Following Bullish Sentiment

Predicting the growth of Cardano has become a hot topic in the crypto community. Investors hint at a rally that could see Cardano push into $8 by next year. This projection is fueled by the bullish expectations prominent in the market.

Cardano has been up 16% in the past seven days after its massive fall this month. According to experts, Cardano is trying to recover from lows. If Cardano maintains this pacing, we could see it pushing to $1 soon. That said, Cardano investors have resumed buying the token.

Pushd Presale Performance Triggers High Demand

Pushd is expected to dominate the cryptocurrency and e-commerce industries as the most adopted platform in a decade. It has the potential to achieve this projection. E-commerce users have had several grievances towards mainstream platforms. For years, they have gone unsolved. But now, Pushd has filled the vacuum, delivering a Web3 online marketplace with low transaction fees. Pushd also removed KYC requirements, winning thousands of sign ups even though it isn't live yet.

Pushd could do a little and is already on track to rival giants like eBay and Amazon. Vendors can sell their goods easily, while buyers can purchase with any top cryptocurrency. On some online marketplaces, a user's money can be held for months. But on Pushd, payments are instant. Buyers can swap any currency for any crypto they need without paying swap fees.

Pushd is well positioned to benefit from the expected $8 billion growth of e-commerce. This potential sounds inviting, so the presale has witnessed milestone demand. In just six stages, Pushd has sold more than 133 million tokens while pulling the support of over 30,000 users. Investors in the Pushd presale will be rewarded with profits from the platform's revenue sharing. The presale is still available and investors can get the token for just $0.144.

Find out more about the Pushd presale by visiting the website here.

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