Bitgert Coin Price on the Up: Exchange Growth Sparks Investor Enthusiasm

Bitgert Coin Price on the Up: Exchange Growth Sparks Investor Enthusiasm

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Analysts are concerned about Bitcoin’s continuous sideways movements; they believe the broader market could be at risk of swinging to the red in the long term. These concerns have attracted a growing interest among market experts. What is next for Bitcoin and the altcoin market?

Amid this growing concern, Bitgert’s performance has painted a different narrative compared to the price charts of altcoins in the broader market. Experts investigated why Bitgert is defying the bearish market trend and concluded that the growth in popularity and adoption of Bitgert Exchange played a key role in attracting savvy investors from every corner of the market.

Let’s take a look at the situation.

Bitcoin’s Sideways Movements

Some market analysts believe there will be a further decline and head for the $56,000 support line before a potential price rebound. One of the factors that supports this theory is the thought of Bitcoin miners liquidating over $4.5 billion worth of Bitcoin in the next 14 days.

Bitcoin’s miners suffered huge losses during the halving after the network fees in Bitcoin’s ecosystem soared as a result of network congestion during the halving event. As a result, miners might soon begin selling to make up for their huge losses last week.

Should this happen, experts fear it could lead to further price declines in Bitgert’s price action.

Bitgert’s Exchange Sparks Market Enthusiasm

Bitgert is a crypto engineering project launched in the market in 2021. This tech-based project is home to a robust range of native products and innovative solutions that focus on delivering the best digital experience to users and developers.

Some of these solutions include Bitgert Chain, Bitgert Exchange, Influencer Grant Program, and Geo Web3 Real Estate Market, among others.

Bigert Exchange, one of the innovative solutions in Bitgert’s ecosystem, has grown in popularity and market adoption. The use of Bitgert Exchange has grown among traders and investors in the market for a couple reasons.

On a first note, Bitgert Exchange can process transactions at speeds second to the speed of light, peaking at a top speed of approximately 100,000 TPS. This bullet speed has attracted a growing number of traders and investors in the market, especially those who try to process multiple transactions in real time. 

Additionally, Bitgert Exchange charges users, traders, and investors zero gas fees during transactions within its ecosystem. This feature has also been an attractive entry point for investors who try to avoid exchanges that extort them by charging very high gas fees.


Bitgert’s unique features and robust range of innovative solutions have hugely contributed to the growing enthusiasm around the project. Experts believe this increased adoption will spur a major price jump in May.

Invest in Bitgert today and register yourself for massive profits in 2024.

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