As Ethereum Wobbles, Pushd's Stage 6 Presale Gains Global Traction, Attracting Avalanche and Filecoin Investors

As Ethereum Wobbles, Pushd's Stage 6 Presale Gains Global Traction, Attracting Avalanche and Filecoin Investors

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Many things come to the mind of investors when filtering through tokens, but only a few matter. At the end of the day, investors have to be extremely cautious when picking tokens to prioritize. The most important metric tends to be information and the details about cryptos often give an idea about how they are likely to perform.

Our analysis provides the most important details about Pushd, a new DeFi project. We also discuss Ethereum, Avalanche and Filecoin, tokens that are dominating the market and getting more popular. Our analysis focuses on their underlying data and what investors can expect from it.

Ethereum Shows High Instability

When the year's first quarter ended, Ethereum was experiencing a decline that most hoped would be temporary. Unfortunately, this decline has persisted further, and Ethereum is still struggling to advance beyond $3.5K. As of press time, it sells at $3,223.16 per unit. 

Across the last week, Ethereum has seen more swings. It has an intra-week low of $2,878.13 and a high of over $3,274 – with prices just over $3K for much of the week. This follows previous instability recorded last week, although this was less positive. Ethereum has only a 1% change compared to this point last week – while it is over 4% less than values 30 days ago. 

These swings could have an advantage for investors since there are more entry points. However, trading Ethereum long-term may have increased risk now.

Avalanche Gears Up for Growth

Avalanche has achieved more than 2x in under a year, rising from a $16 value to over $39 per unit as of press time. Much of its progress did reset after the market crash at the tail end of March. However, Avalanche may be moving towards more positive action as April starts to close.

At the time of writing, it has already climbed to $39.45 per unit. Avalanche has dropped by 28% compared to 30 days ago, but it has gained by 3% compared to 7 days ago. Progressive gains should take it beyond $45 in the next few days.

Filecoin To Drop to $5?

Filecoin exhibits some disturbing signs that suggest it may experience a huge decline. It is worth $6.61 per unit as of press time but may be headed as low as $5 by the middle of May. Filecoin has already lost 26% compared to 30 days and may repeat this in the next four weeks.

It does gain by 2% compared to the start of last week. This hope may be short-lived as Filecoin is predicted to drop by around 10%.

Pushd Stage Six Sellout in Sight?

Pushd is a decentralized digital market allowing users to conveniently buy and sell products. Users can make deposits and withdrawals with cryptos, and Pushd provides security for users’ funds. All users also enjoy low fees and instant transactions. Pushd is fully decentralized, meaning all transactions are transparent.

It offers benefits to users that outweigh most other projects. For example, users can earn crypto by fulfilling certain requirements. Pushd also offers special privileges to users who sign up for its VIP Programme. Pushd users can also get involved with governance by owning the token.

The advantages of Pushd have propelled it throughout the previous stages of its presale. It is now in stage six, selling for $0.144 per unit. A sellout seems inevitable and it may be wiser to buy Pushd at this low price before this happens.

Find out more about the Pushd (PUSHD) presale by visiting the website here.

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