Accessing Crypto Sahintas’ Long-term Price Prediction for DOT, DJ Mines Bullish on LTC, New Token Up Over 200%

Accessing Crypto Sahintas’ Long-term Price Prediction for DOT, DJ Mines Bullish on LTC, New Token Up Over 200%

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Renowned crypto analysts on Twitter have weighed in their predictions on some top altcoins in the crypto market. For instance, Crypto Sahintas is backing Polkadot (DOT) to regain bullish control and rise in value. Similarly, despite Litecoin’s (LTC) declining price value, analyst DJ Mines suggests that now may be the best time to buy the dip for the potential gains. Meanwhile, KangaMoon (KANG) has maintained its rising growth trajectory since its presale started.

KangaMoon (KANG): A meme Community with a Native Token that's Rising in Value and Reputation

KangaMoon (KANG) is fast growing into the go-to platform where meme enthusiasts can socialize and share meme insights through the SocialFi structure. Also, KangaMoon's play-to-earn structure rewards members with digital valuables that can be traded for cash on the platform. So far, over 22,000 members have joined the platform, with sight on 100,000 before the launch proper.

Similarly, the KangaMoon native token has gained the attention of investors, given the token's massive growth potential. For context, the KANG token has already recorded over 290% growth so far in its presale. Moreover, a further 700% growth is expected of the token before the end of its presale. Notably, early investors have recorded up to 290% ROIs since joining the project.

In view of all these stats, it is safe to say that KangaMoon is heading in the right direction. As such, it will be wise to invest in the token now that it is still relatively cheap. At the price of only $0.0196, KANG represents one of the best altcoins to buy for massive gains. As experienced investors already know, early investment in projects like KangaMoon is where exponential gains are made.

Early investors will receive a 10% bonus for every presale purchase. Overall, KangaMoonrepresents a combination of a social ecosystem for meme enthusiasts and a top crypto investment opportunity for traders looking to boost their investment portfolio in the short and long term.

DJ Mines Bullish on Litecoin (LTC) Despite Dwindling Price Value

A crypto miner and analyst, DJ Mines, suggests that traders should buy the Litecoin (LTC) token now even though the token is on a decline. As per his tweet, DJ Mines pointed out that the current downturn of Litecoin is a “buying opportunity” that can be explored ahead of other top altcoins.

Looking at the market stats, Litecoin has lost over 23% in the last 7 days alone. Also, Litecoin's price declined by over 17% in the year-to-date price metric. If Litecoin will see a resurgence, then buying now could well position one to benefit significantly from the potential gains.

Crypto Sahintas Expects Polkadot (DOT) to Reach $70-$80 in the Long-term

Despite the current bear trend for Polkadot (DOT), an analyst, Crypto Sahintas, says he expects the token to pick up a bullish sentiment that'll see the token reach $70-$80 in price value in the long-term. As seen from his tweet, Crypto Sahintas projects Polkadot to reach $12 in the short term. In the medium time, the analyst backs Polkadot to reach $40.

Meanwhile, Polkadot's price trajectory shows the coin is trading below the $7 mark. The token has lost over 34% within the last month. As it stands, bullish price signals for Polkadot are not yet visible on the market chart.

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